After competing at Titan Fighting Championship 21, a motivated Josh Huber is eager to prove that his loss in March with the promotion was just a fluke. Huber bounced back with a submission win in May at Fight to Win: Superheroes, and was given an opportunity to return to the Titan cage.

On Friday, he will go toe-to-toe with Joe Wilk at a special Fight for the Troops event held in Fort Riley, Kan. Wilk has fought with Titan Fighting on several occasions in his career. While Wilk’s name isn’t well-known to the public, Huber is familiar with the type of fighter he’ll be facing, but feels he will be the far superior fighter.

“He’s a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a black belt in American Jiu-Jitsu, and has a really active guard from the bottom,” Huber told The MMA Corner. “(However), he doesn’t have a whole lot of stand-up. He likes to throw high kicks and power shots, but on the feet, I’m not too worried. His takedowns are pretty good, so he’ll want to get me to the ground. He’s got a lot of fights at 155 pounds, so I’m assuming he’s going to be bigger and stronger than me, but that’s no big deal. I’ve pretty much been doing that my whole career.”

Huber submits his opponent with a rear-naked choke (Rob Tatum/The MMA Corner)

The aforementioned loss came against Fabio Mello, and while it snapped a streak of five wins in a row, Huber picked out areas in that loss that he feels he can improve on.

“Fabio grabbed my neck and had an insanely hard squeeze that I’ve never felt before,” explained Huber. “But when you’re fighting that level of a fighter, you have to make less and less mistakes because one mistake will cost you. The biggest thing that I take from that fight is that I actually have gained a lot of confidence from that fight (because) it was a big fight on a big stage.”

“Another thing I take from that fight is that I don’t have to be worried about anybody. There’s no man you can put in front of me that’s going to make me nervous or shake me. I think it was a great experience for my career,” added Huber.

As usual, Huber will come into this fight with a solid training camp out of Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Colorado. During his training, the focus has been the grappling department to prepare for Wilk’s skill set.

“I think the only way he’s got to beat me is to sub me or maybe grind me out on the ground. I’ve been doing a ton of grappling, but I’m not too worried about the stand-up game,” said the Colorado Springs native.

Huber has submitted six fighters in his career, but with the impressive work by his opponent on the mat and confidence in his own stand-up, the game plan is to stick to what he knows, and that’s using his hands.

“My game plan hasn’t changed since I started fighting,” admitted Huber. “I’m a brawler. I like to stand and bang. My wrestling’s not great so some guys have a tendency to take me down in my fights, but takedowns aren’t part of my game.”

As far as how he’ll win this fight, Huber has a strategy that he’s confident in executing.

Huber works to finish (Paul Kincaid/Sanskirt Photography)

“I see me winning this fight by TKO,” Huber predicted. “I’ve seen a lot of tape on him, and he has a tendency to wilt when getting hit and that’s pretty much my specialty. I’m gonna put a ton of pressure on him; I’m gonna punch him in the face every chance I get. I think my way of winning is either knocking him out on the feet or pounding him out on the ground.”

The last thing a fighter wants to do is overlook his opponent, but Huber is getting to the point in his career where it’s make or break. For the most part, the featherweight division isn’t the most stacked in the UFC, but there are many fighters who would love to step in to fulfill their dreams.

“Hellboy” is working everyday to not just be another face in the crowd. Huber can state his case with a few impressive wins, but if not, the featherweight says he might as well hang up the gloves if he doesn’t make it to the big stage.

“I have my goal to get into the UFC,” said a motivated Huber. “I think with my record as it is now and the position I’m in, if I win a few more fights in a row, my record is gonna be good enough. If I’m not there in two years, then that will be disappointing. I don’t know if I’d still be fighting. If I can’t get to that high level, I’m not gonna pursue a mediocre career. So it’s UFC or bust for me.”

Josh would like to thank his sponsors Performance MMA and Area 51 Fight Gear, as well as his manager Josh Davis and head coach Rob Sanchez.

Photo: Josh Huber (red trunks) vs. Fabio Mello (Sherdog)

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