“I see myself in the UFC within six months.”

This is the mindset of former Strikeforce fighter Lyle Beerbohm, who will take on Marcus Aurelio on Saturday at ShoFIGHT 20. This will be the 20th professional appearance for Beerbohm, but he has only lost twice in his career. Those defeats were last year, but this is the veteran’s year to prove that he should be considered a UFC-caliber fighter.

The Spokane, Wa., based fighter has had an exciting month, as one of the top guys out of his camp, Michael Chiesa, won the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter. Beerbohm has had other training partners be a part of the show, but this was something he was very proud to see.

Beerbohm (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

“That was great,” said Beerbohm in a recent interview with The MMA Corner. “Cody (McKenzie) was on The Ultimate Fighter so that was pretty exciting, but to have somebody win it and do what he did and show the heart he showed, I was very impressed. And Sam Sicilia did very well also.”

Beerbohm has continued to work with these guys to train for this fight, and says he is very prepared to step into the cage on Saturday.

“My training camp is going good,” stated Beerbohm. “I had Lee Morrison here for a little while, but now I have my old training partners back: Mike Hanks, Cody McKenzie, and all my guys at BJJ Spokane. Everything’s coming along pretty good, I feel good, and I’m ready to go.”

The 33-year-old will be matched up with one of toughest guys in the sport in Aurelio, who has competed in both Pride and the UFC. But you don’t have to tell Beerbohm that. He’s aware of who he’s going up against.

“Marcus is really tough. He’s fought a lot of tough guys in the world and for all the big promotions,” added Beerbohm. “He’s had nine losses, but they were all decisions, so he’s never been finished. He’s a black belt in jiu-jitsu and definitely a gamer for sure.”

With his black belt in BJJ, Aurelio is known for being very dangerous if he’s in the guard or on the back of his opponents. In his career, the Brazilian has had 14 of his 21 victories come by submission, but “Fancy Pants” is confident in his ability to counteract Aurelio on the ground.

“My submission wrestling and defense is very good so I’m not worried about his submissions,” the lightweight declared. “I’m ready to go wherever the fight goes. I just get in somebody’s face and push the pace, so wherever the fight goes is where it goes.”

Beerbohm (R) connects with a kick (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

Many people have never heard of the ShoFIGHT promotion, but that’s understandable. It was one of the top amateur organizations in the Midwest, but it has now revamped the promotion by holding a professional show.

This isn’t just one of those typical shows where you have no clue who is on the card though. There will be 20 UFC, Strikeforce, WEC, Pride and Bellator veterans filling out the lineup, and Beerbohm is excited to be a part of this event.

“They’ve had like 19 or 20 amateur shows, and I’ve heard they have done well on the amateur level, so they decided to do a pro show and it should be pretty good,” explained Beerbohm. “They’ve got a lot of big names, good fighters on the card, and made the card really well. Fans are definitely going to wanna watch this card.”

While this is a great opportunity for “Fancy Pants,” he’s not satisfied until he makes it to the big stage.

“I have one goal in the sport and that’s to be in the UFC,” exclaimed Beerbohm. “However long it takes to get to the UFC, that’s what I wanna do. I have a pretty good idea after I win this fight, so I’ll probably be in the UFC in the next six months.”

Lyle would like to thank all his training partners Cody McKenzie, Mike Hanks, Lee Morrison, Bart Smith, Jacob Harkness, Julio Diaz, and everyone at BJJ Spokane. Also his sponsors: Tax Easy Spokane, Mark Gatlin from Discount Lumber, Iron Master, and his mom for making his shorts. Follow Lyle on Facebook and Twitter @fancypantslyle

Photo: Lyle Beerbohm (Heavy MMA)

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