In the 21st century, especially the last couple of years, social media has taken over our lives. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or texting, just about everyone can’t live without technology these days.

As far as the UFC scene, is the promotion utilizing these tools and really doing a good job of allowing fans to become more involved with the fights?

For the most part, my answer is no. The UFC has done only an average job at marketing its content on social media networks by offering fans different things to do. The promotion is taking a step in the right direction, but it has a lot of room for improvement.

There are some high points in this area. Before a big pay-per-view main event, there is usually a poll question that asks, “Who do you think wins between fighter A and fighter B?” This gives fans who are watching an opportunity to text their vote in, which is just fine. But instead of just allowing fans to vote for their favorite fighter to win, why not give people an opportunity to step into the matchmaker role?

First off let me make this clear: I’m not saying to fire Joe Silva and allow fans to make fights like Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones. Not at all. But what if, say around two months before an event, the UFC could put together a handful of guys from the same weight class and let the fans log on to Twitter and Facebook to match the fighters up. People in the MMA community are always complaining about things like, “Why is this guy matched up with a high-level fighter like him?” This could just be an idea to tryout every two or three times a year, say for an FX or Fuel TV card.

I remember back in my days of watching the WWE, they would put on an event called Cyber Sunday where fans were given the chance to text in their vote as to who wrestles who, and the match stipulation. Now I’m not recommending the UFC be more like the WWE by any means, but this is an idea that could get a lot of people more involved with the sport.

This is one scenario, but if you don’t agree with that idea, how about this one?

Let’s switch the focus to The Ultimate Fighter. This past season, fans witnessed the first-ever live season of the show. Some believed it was a big hit, while others thought it was a fail. But if people outside the TUF house were able to become more involved, would those ratings go up?

The show did receive low ratings compared to other shows on TV, and Dana White took much criticism for this. But in this modern day world, you have to give fans what they want sometimes. It was cool that every member of The Ultimate Fighter was given his own Twitter account that allowed fans to connect with their favorite fighter, but the UFC needs to improve on the live format of the reality show.

However, it was announced the next season will go back to its original taped format, but I expect the live version to be back in 2013. When it returns, how awesome would it be to allow fans to vote on which fights are made throughout the season?

There is nothing wrong with the fights made throughout the season, but like I said, you have to get fans more involved with the show. Go about the normal live format, but while the footage rolls of the fighters training or the drama swarming in the house, ask fans to log on to Twitter, Facebook and cellphones to vote on which match-up should be made on that episode. After the polls close, announce the bout around 10 minutes before show time, and then have the fighters step in the Octagon.

Some may feel this would be a failure, but it can’t be hard to surpass the ratings from last season. It’s called a “reality” show for a reason. The UFC needs to draw fans who normally would never watch the show in to FX. The hardcore fans are going to watch no matter what, so you have to use technology to draw the casual fans in.

The UFC is the fastest growing company in sports, but it’s time to take that next step and give fans their say in what goes down inside the Octagon.

Photo: Ian McCall (black trunks) suplexes Demetrious Johnson at UFC on FX 3, an event for which fans participated in Hometown Throwdown to determine a host city.  Could the UFC find even more ways to let fans call the shots in the future? (James Law/Heavy MMA)

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