The UFC’s decision to not air the full season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil on Fuel TV prior to UFC 147 is a “no biggie.”

While an argument could be made that it would have generated more hype for the pay-per-view, which featured the finals of the season’s middleweight and featherweight tournaments, remember what audience we’re talking about here. This is the same audience that was reluctant to watch The Ultimate Fighter Live on FX, so why would they watch a subtitled version of the Brazilian series on Fuel?

TUF Live failed to reach one million viewers in the final five episodes of the season, so the thought of airing the entire season of TUF: Brazil to help generate buzz for the PPV should be tossed out of the window.

With that said, it would have helped those that did pony up the cash to order the pay-per-view to get more out of the event and the show. After all, what sense does it make to air the complete season after the finalists have fought live on PPV?

‘Not a whole lot’ would be the answer to that rhetorical question. It seems almost as if the UFC wasn’t worried about its audience in the States viewing the season at all. Sure, it played the season weekly online, but the episodes were posted late on Sunday nights.

It’s kind of hard to get into a routine of watching the show when most Americans are planning for their weekly grind by that time. And for those that didn’t take the time to watch the episodes, well, they missed some great talent.

Rony “Jason” and Cezar Ferreira ran through the competition with amazing fights all season long, but with the shuffling that took place before UFC 147, it wouldn’t have mattered if the UFC aired the entire season or not.

This was supposed to be the biggest card of the year, featuring the biggest rematch of all time and taking place in a soccer stadium. But nothing could regain the U.S. fans’ attentions after moving the Anderson Silva/Chael Sonnen bout to UFC 148.

Add in the fact that Wanderlei Silva’s opposing coach, Vitor Belfort, wasn’t able to fight either, and UFC 147 was doomed from the start.

So the UFC gets a pass for not airing the full season prior to the event, but that’s not to say it was a smart business move in the least.

Photo: Rony “Jason” Mariano Bezerra (R) battles Godofredo “Pepey” Castro at UFC 147 (Sherdog)