Though fans have complained about the match-up, the rubber match between Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz needs to happen.

The score needs to be settled between these two future Hall of Famers, and furthermore, it’s hard to understand why so many people are complaining about this fight.

As fighters reach the end of their career, it makes perfect sense to make intriguing bouts. That’s what the UFC is doing, as a third match-up between Ortiz and Griffin is interesting for a number of reasons.

The first being that you know the fight will deliver. The first two fights were great, and though the second wasn’t as good as the first, it still had its thrills. Griffin’s chin isn’t what it used to be, so if Ortiz can land that same right hand that he landed on Ryan Bader at UFC 132, Ortiz might put Griffin out.

But Griffin’s footwork and movement are sure to give Ortiz frustrations. That should lead to a few takedown attempts from Ortiz, and it’ll be fun to see if Ortiz can get this fight to the ground or not. And if he does, will he be able to ground-and-pound away on Griffin like he has before?

Another interesting piece to this puzzle is that it’s Ortiz’s last fight. Why not match him up against one of his rivals? Ortiz was raw about the decision in the rematch at UFC 106 against Griffin, so now he’ll get a chance at redemption in his sendoff fight. And should he win, that would be the perfect way to cap off his career.

Furthermore, fans should stop griping because it’s not like this is the main event of a pay-per view or anything. It’s the co-main event, and without the legion of injuries that fell into the UFC’s lap, this would’ve been the fourth highest fight on UFC 148.

So the fact that fans were complaining about this match-up given the placement on the card was ridiculous. Do people not like to see good fights anymore? Or is it all about the names these days?

Griffin and Ortiz’s final encounter deserves to be in the limelight, and it’s nice to see that it’s been elevated to co-main event status. Whether you like the match-up or not, there’s simply no denying both men’s ability to draw, and given their amount of history, it’s worthy of setting up Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva II.

So when it comes to the rubber match at UFC 148, complaining is not necessary. Just sit back and watch two legends of the sport conclude their rivalry inside Octagon.

Photo: Forrest Griffin (R) battles with Tito Ortiz (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

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