Once known as HDNet, AXS TV has taken over the network as a station featuring movies, music and sports. For MMA fans, it has become the home for promotions such as Legacy Fighting Championships and Xtreme Fighting Championships, two organizations that are slowly becoming more and more popular.

Of course, both the LFC and XFC have done a great job to promote their events to the public, but the primary part of the promotions’ success should be credited to the help of the Mark Cuban owned cable network.

It’s great when the UFC or Strikeforce has a week off, and you can tune in to AXS to catch a LFC or XFC event. There are events being aired online, but isn’t it better to watch fights on television rather than a small computer screen?

One promotion that is climbing the ranks in popularity is Invicta Fighting Championships, an all-women’s MMA organization. Invicta will hold its second event tonight, where the entire card will stream live and free on their website, InvictaFC.com.

Not many online streams are offered for free, so credit Invicta for rewarding its fans. But there is more that needs to be done to push the women’s promotion over the top.

To become well-known, Invicta needs to work its way to showcasing its events on television. The right move is to get a deal lined up with AXS TV to broadcast fights across the world on the popular network. Due to the variety of age groups that watch AXS TV, it would draw many people in to watch the ladies compete.

Casual fans who purchase a UFC pay-per-view every month or so have seen guys fight numerous times and that is nothing new. But if they tune in to AXS TV and see women going at it, fans will be instantly hooked. Trust me, guys love seeing girls punch each other in the face.

But this would not only draw male viewers in. Girls of all ages are huge MMA fans, believe it or not, and as mentioned, they only get to see guys fight the majority of the time. Whether the female population that tune in are MMA fans or not, my hunch is they would be fascinated that girls can do the same things that the guys can.

If all goes well, Invicta will make its debut in homes worldwide eventually, but why wait? Putting the promotion on AXS TV would benefit both sides of the agreement. If a deal is agreed upon, there’s no looking back for the sport of women’s mixed martial arts.

Photo: Marloes Coenen (R) battles Romy Ruyssen (Jayare Gallegos)

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