Alistair Overeem’s UFC debut couldn’t have gone any better. He walked through former UFC champion Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 in December of last year. The same cannot be said of Overeem’s scheduled second appearance in the Octagon.

The former K-1 champion was scheduled to fight against UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos. The battle was set to be a contest between two of the most elite heavyweight MMA competitors in the world. Of course, every MMA fan knows how the scheduled title bout became a debacle for Overeem.

A failed random drug test showed Overeem possessed a 16:1 testosterone ratio. The normal ratio is 1:1.

As Dana White came out to speak against Overeem, it seemed the Dutchman’s UFC career would be over before it ever truly began. Instead, White and Overeem have seemed to bury the hatchet and a professional relationship between the two seems to be forming.

Where Overeem will struggle to find a professional relationship is with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Overeem’s hearing with the NSAC didn’t go his way, but the end ruling still seemed to heavily favor the fighter.

Instead of receiving the expected year-long suspension, Overeem was only suspended for nine months. After the commission suspended another athlete—Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos—for a year due to a failed test, Overeem seemed to get off easy. With that thought in mind, Overeem has recently come out and said he believes he will be licensed to fight sooner than December.

The first thought when hearing this is that Overeem is crazy. This is the athletic commission that refused to admit any fault with the controversial Pacquiao-Bradley boxing match, and the same commission who refused to back down to notable characters like Chael Sonnen and Nick Diaz. How could a guy with a history of steroid rumors, using the age-old “I didn’t know” defense, hope to succeed in reversing the decision of the commission?

The obvious response for a positive outcome for Overeem’s claim is that the NSAC went surprisingly soft on his actual punishment. The nine-month suspension set up Overeem to return in December for an end-of-the-year card, which tends to be a spectacle of an event.

If Overeem has gone through the right steps  since his failed drug test, as White has told us, he may begin to have a case for being reinstated sooner than December. It certainly won’t be easy, as it would require the NSAC to lose face and possibly some measure of respect from the athletes under its banner.

It’s for that reason that I believe Overeem won’t be stepping into the Octagon before December. He never had a case that fans could get behind to believe in Overeem’s innocence—and, as we know in the world of MMA, the fans drive everything. However, if the fan support rises for an early return of Overeem for perhaps some sort of mega-showdown with whomever the UFC champion is, don’t be surprised if the NSAC isn’t persuaded by the almighty dollar.

Photo: Alistair Overeem (L) sits with his lawyer David Chesnoff at the NSAC hearing (MMAjunkie)

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  • MuayThai1

    If everybody just gave a little more credit to the facts:
    Overeem received treatment from a Texas state athletic commision doctor.
    This doctor testified under oath(!) he didn’t inform Overeem of the testostoron in the cocktail. Thereby risking to lose his medical license considering he is since then under investigation by the national medical board.
    Overeem never pissed hot before or after a fight. When pissing 14/1 (It was Sonnen who pissed 16/1) no PED where found, only elevetad T levels. The same elevated T levels that Sonnen, Henderson, Griffin etc are legal to have before, during and after each fight decause of their TRT exemption!!! And if have to meet the first American that cared that Brock became a chemical collection dump from the time he wrestled in highschool until he was in the UFC…
    Testosterone don’t replace the mad kickboxing and BJJ skills that Overeem has.
    During Pride Open Weight 2006 Overeem weighed in at 242. After this he fought again at 205 completely dehydrating his 6ft5 frame to make the weight.
    When switching to HW he added 20lbs muscle in 2 years doing strong man training and living/eating/sleeping for this sport 24 hours a day.
    Guys I work with are bigger then Overeem and never touched any PED’s. African descendants just have crazy genes.
    The Nevada state athletic commission believed his testimony, reduced the sentence to 9 months and even mentioned during the trial he will be allowed to fight on NYE, if the UFC would like him to fight that night. (watch the whole trial on youtube for yourself)
    He conducts blood test at official facilities every month and still walks around at 255.

    Anyway, the guys fights like a beast. Always coming forward. Watch his Pride fights to see his standup skills. Until he ran out of energy cause of his weight cuts he always dominated the first few minutes . Check hIs K1 fight against Spong to search for a “glass” jaw. His BJJ skills are elite, submiting Vitor Belfort in his prime and defending against Nogueira in his prime.. Ofcourse a HW bout can always go either way but I don’t see anybody matching his allround skill set or stopping him for the next couple of years. Not because I’m on the bandwagon, but I just think this is the way the facts tell the story.