Just when you thought MMA’s mainstream growth was starting to get somewhat anemic, a future anime program for kids goes into production.

That’s right, the “as real as it gets” fighting styles of MMA embodied with the entertainment value of professional wrestling will be featured in an anime for kids entitled Wroxer. The CEO of this soon-to-be web series, Rob Dickman, came up with the idea of developing a “lifestyle brand” after he was inspired by the nobility exhibited by mixed martial arts fighters.

“Going back five years, I began to notice an increase in my awareness to changing the world,” Dickman said. “I developed an appetite toward MMA. It really became clear to me that the sport of MMA has tapped into the consciousness of society. It demonstrates the will to survive. Fighters really represented human adaptability and symbolized overcoming adversity.”

As of right now, Wroxer is in production stages of the teaser episode, which they’ll use to try to get international distribution as well as future network television deals. The anime project has been developing for four years, and according to Dickman, Wroxer has a major toy company behind it. Dickman couldn’t specify which toy company for privacy reasons.

And unfortunately, that’s not the only detail Dickman couldn’t reveal. He was reluctant to name what pro wrestlers and MMA fighters would be involved with the series due to more privacy reasons, but he did confirm that Total Nonstop Action’s Kurt Angle and Chris Park, a.k.a. Abyss, would both feature characters on the show.

“Numerous wrestling and MMA personalities have shown interest in the show,” Dickman said.

Considering MMA’s key demographic is 18-to-49-year-olds, Wroxer targeting kids may come as somewhat of a surprise and many may question it. But the answer is simple for Dickman. He wants to create a show that teaches kids self-discipline. Furthermore, Dickman said Wroxer‘s goal was to “empower kids.”

“We’re trying to extract the positive ethics of the sport of MMA and deliver the message of human adaptive potential to kids in an appropriate manner,” Dickman said.

Adapting seems to be the major theme in Wroxer, and it’s important to Dickman to teach kids about the will to survive. Dickman and his crew will be doing that by utilizing good vs. evil through five earthly elements. Following a comet injecting the Earth with a negative energy, the earth counters that energy with a positive energy source. This results in cosmic shards being scattered all over the world, and once an individual connects to one of these power sources, they inherit one of the five earthly elements, such as fire, water, wind, electricity and life. The positive energy connected with a person’s inner fighter becomes known as “The Core,” while the negative energy becomes known as “The Void.” This, of course, sets up a battle between them.

The show features both fictional MMA characters and professional wrestlers wielding these powerful orbs that transform them into superheroes, and the main character is a scrappy MMA fighter named Robbie. He’s an underdog that doesn’t always win but never gives up. It’s one of the pivotal themes backing this show, as Dickman explains Wroxer “captures positive light on the sport.”

While it still may be in the production phases, Wroxer could prove to be another step forward in the MMA community. The sport could potentially have an appropriate way to educate kids in their homes on the sport as well as the morals that come with it. But can the world “adapt?”

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Image: provided by Wroxer

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