MFC 34: Total Recall delivered a night of exciting fights and finishes in the company’s home base of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Bellator tournament finalist Douglas Lima’s younger brother Dhiego continued to step away from his brother’s shadow and make a name for himself at the Aug. 10 event. Meanwhile, a former The Ultimate Fighter participant, Joseph Henle, thrilled all in attendance, earning a title shot in the process.

Two of Canada’s top heavyweights squared off again. Fans were treated to a rematch of Adam Lynn versus Mukai Maromo. The main event between the latter two was originally intended for the MFC’s lightweight belt, but Lynn missed the weight limit by more than a pound and the event was changed to a regular three-round fight.

Mukai Maromo shows full range of Muay Thai against a tough Adam Lynn

Maromo took a controversial decision when the two first met at MFC 33, and both fighters were looking to win decisively here.

Maromo opened the fight with kicks, and Lynn scored a knockdown with a right hand. Lynn followed him to the mat and grinded his opponent for over a minute until Maromo successfully got back to his feet. Maromo began to open his diverse striking game with a jumping kick against Lynn, but Lynn clinched and scored another takedown before Maromo could do any major damage. That ends a close first round between the two.

In the second round, Maromo showed vicious Muay Thai knees, elbows and strong right hand punches and uppercuts. He overwhelmed Lynn, who backed into the corner, and Maromo began unloading standing elbows. Maromo landed a head kick, but Lynn was still standing, though very dazed and in retreat. Maromo clinched Lynn and landed one last knee that sent Lynn falling face first into a stoppage defeat.

Maromo addressed the camera when he returns to his corner: “[I] should be lightweight champion, but whatever, s**t happens.”

TUF vet Joseph Henle impresses with quick victory over Luke Harris

Henle remains unbeaten and makes quick work of Harris.

Harris began the fight with his hands low, and Henle rushed him, got under-hooks, and scored a takedown. Harris looked for choke with his right arm while Henle tried to find and secure an arm-triangle choke from the top. The fight found its way back to the feet, and Henle landed two straight right hands that sent Harris stumbling back. Harris fell and Henle finished the fight with right hands to his downed opponent until the fight is called.

Mike Hackert defeats Tim Hague for the second time

The “Honey Badger” may be a bit small for heavyweight, but that didn’t stop him from getting the first stoppage of his career against the veteran Hague.

Hague told Hackert, “Let’s put on a show,” before the beginning of round one. Hackert landed combinations with impressive speed immediately in the fight. He worked from the body to the head and kept Hague guessing where the punches would go next. Hague tied Hackert up and pressured him to the corner of the ring. Hackert reversed position and landed a big knee to Hague’s gut, causing Hague to let out a large grunt which signaled that it hurt him.

The knee dropped Hague, and Hackert looked to ground-and-pound his way to victory, but Hague worked his way back to his feet. Hackert smartly went back to kneeing Hague in the gut, and the ref stopped the fight soon after.

Elvis Mutapcic flattens Jacen Flynn

Elvis Mutapcic proved to be a middleweight that delivers powerful blows.

Mutapcic opened the contest with a head kick that landed slightly, and Flynn tied him up. Mutapcic gained control from the clinch and delivered a powerful knee that dropped Flynn. Flynn was done, but the ref gave Mutapcic time to deliver ground-and-pound in the form of right hands from the top, and the fight is called.

Dhiego Lima picks Nick Hinchliffe apart

The first round started slow with both men looking for their respective ranges. It was Lima who found it first with effective leg kicks and single jabs. Both looked to counter, but Lima took the round by effectively using jabs and kicks against his opponent while moving out of range from any damage.

The second round played out like the first except both men were warmed up and there was more active stand-up. Lima landed a right hand that backed Hinchliffe up. Hinchliffe began to rally with punches of his own, but Lima took the momentum back in the form of a flying knee. Hinchliffe scored a takedown with 23 seconds left in the round, and Lima finished the round on his back.

Halfway through the second round, Hinchliffe was visibly damaged, bleeding from the nose and under his right eye, and showed signs of fatigue.

Lima continued to circle and effectively land strikes from his range throughout the third and appeared to be coasting to a unanimous decision. With 1:30 left, both stood toe-to-toe and threw a flurry.

Hinchliffe was visibly more damaged than his opponent, his right leg now showing bruising from Lima’s leg kicks. Lima took a sound decision.

American grappler Jason Zentgraf subs Cody Krahn

Krahn came out swinging, and both men tied-up against the ropes.  The fight hit the mat and Zentgraf took control. He controlled from the top position and maneuvered to Krahn’s back, successfully finding the rear-naked choke in a little over a minute for this 190-pound affair.


Mukai Maromo def. Adam Lynn by TKO (knee). Round 2, 1:26
Joseph Henle def. Luke Harris by TKO (strikes) . Round 1, 1:57
Mike Hackert def. Tim Hague by TKO (strikes). Round 1, 2:27
Elvis Mutapcic def. Jacen Flynn by TKO (strikes). Round 1, 1:39
Dhiego Lima def. Nick Hinchliffe by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Jason Zentgraf def. Cody Krahn by submission (rear-naked choke). Round 1, 1:15
Derek Boyle def. Dan Ring by TKO (strikes). Round 1, 0:27
Derek Parker def. Paul Grandbois by submission (rear-naked choke). Round 1, 3:24
Smealinho Rama def. Lee Mein by TKO (strikes). Round 1, 2:49

Photo: Mukai Maromo (Arnold Lim/Sherdog)

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