Falling off course is a common occurrence all fighters encounter in their mixed martial arts careers. It’s only so long that one can retain that exhilarating sensation of feeling unmatched before someone comes along and strikes him down with the furious blow of defeat.

Graduating from the amateur class, rising lightweight prospect Marcus Edwards had a lot of momentum building for himself for his smooth sail into the pro fight division.

Since his start in 2009, Edwards has left a massive trail of devastation to accumulate an impressive undefeated record of 11-0 in his amateur endeavors. This collection of victories is a clear testimony of the great dedication he puts into his craft and the high confidence he has in his abilities to come out on top.

Edwards (Casey O'Day/CMO Photo)

“The hard work I put into my training contributed to my victories,” Edwards told The MMA Corner in an exclusive interview. “This has definitely helped my confidence knowing that I have what it takes at the pro level.”

Being undefeated without question can be troublesome in some aspects of a fighter’s rise, due to the desire to continue building that great momentum. For Edwards, his transition into the pro division as an undefeated fighter presented no issue at all in his mind concerning his future opponents and ability to perform at the highest level.

“A lot of people sometime get caught up in the hype surrounding a fighter or particular situation,” Edwards said. “Me, I have no pressure in any of my fights regardless of what is going on around me”

With a strong mindset and skill set at his disposal, the hungry young star looked to have the right attitude heading into his first pro bout against Justin Gaethje. However, nothing goes quite as planned during a fight. With an unbalanced blend of battling off raw emotion and neglecting to follow his strategy, Edwards underwent a painful feeling he never felt before—the agony of defeat.

The disappointing results of the encounter, in a twist, helped open the Colorado-based fighter’s mind to the areas he needed to work on in his development as a fighter.

Edwards (Brawlin)

“I learned a lot about myself during that fight,” Edwards revealed. “I learned I was able to go three five-minute rounds without getting exhausted against the best pro fighter in Colorado. I also learned to do what I am taught in practice and not abandon the game plan.”

Since suffering the first loss of his career, nothing has changed in Edwards’ training routine except the jump in his level of determination to bounce back from this minor setback. Edwards continues the daily grind at his current gym while also cross-training with other teams comprised of American Top Team and Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha Male gym.

Putting the past behind him, Edwards now has his eyes set on his upcoming fight on Aug. 24 at the Colorado State Fair for the Fight Brigade promotion against Jackson’s MMA product Dustin Lentz. Realizing the significance of this upcoming bout, Edwards looks to come out on top in hopes of solidifying and building his reputation as a professional mixed martial arts fighter.

“Winning this fight means everything. It will put my record at 1-1 and open up more doors for more opportunities to fight.”

Photo: Marcus Edwards (L) battles Justin Gaethje (Casey O’Day/CMO Photo)

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