Showdown Fights turned in a strong night of action on Saturday night live from Orem, Utah. On a night when “The People’s Warrior” Josh Burkman was slated to fight Jamie Yager, the card proved to showcase a little bit of something for everyone. Local products, a UFC veteran and undefeated prospects all made their way to the Showdown Fights cage.

In addition to Burkman vs. Yager, the crowd also bore witness to two outstanding lightweight fights—one featuring David Castillo and Gordon “Flash” Bell, and another that featured Team Alpha Male’s Justin Buchholz facing Clay Collard.

Also, heavyweights Jan Jorgensen and Clifton Bishop did not disappoint in their main card affair, and Mike Gahan opened the card in scintillating fashion alongside Daniel Goode.

Burkman snaps Yager’s streak

Jamie Yager came into this bout with Josh Burkman riding a four-fight win streak, while Burkman looked to capitalize on the strength of a win over Koffi Adzitso. In the first round of this main event contest, Yager appeared to gain something of an edge over Burkman by getting Burkman down and controlling the action to the point of almost finishing the fight by a guillotine. However, Burkman’s ability to maintain a butterfly guard made it difficult to say it was a convincing round for Yager. In the second round, Burkman defended a single-leg takedown from Yager and found the tap in the form of his own guillotine choke.

Castillo earns stoppage over “Flash” Bell

David Castillo found himself in a bit of a pickle when he found himself trapped  in one of Gordon Bell’s armbars in the first round of their lightweight tilt. After escaping the armbar, Castillo landed a nice left hand and rained down with a couple of extra punches before Steve Mazzagatti stepped in. Some found the stoppage premature as Bell woke up and walked around like nothing happened to him, but Mazzagatti told Bell to fight back and he did not.

Buchholz submits Collard in FOTN-worthy affair

Easily the best fight of the evening, Justin Buchholz and Clay Collard took the fight to each other in just about every aspect; from the clinch to the standup to the ground. Collard arguably took the first two rounds, however, due to the numerous attempts he made to finish Buchholz off, but Buchholz held on tight and did not quit. The bout came to a halt in round three, when Buchholz found his grip on a guillotine choke and forced the tap from Collard, who definitely held his own against the Team Alpha Male standout and proved that he may stick around for a while at 155.

Jorgensen keeps undefeated streak intact against Bishop

Undefeated Jan Jorgensen made it a short night for Clifton Bishop, earning a quick TKO finish in the night’s lone heavyweight tilt. After stunning Bishop with his left hand, Jorgensen looked for an opening to really mount the pressure on Bishop, which he did by landing a brutal combination on Bishop. Afterwards, Jorgensen would sprawl, sneak a few lefts under the chin of Bishop, and then finish from his opponent’s back before officially earning his TKO win.

Featherweight prospect Gahan TKOs Goode in main card opener

The first round between Mike Gahan and Daniel Goode proved a close bout to call, though it appeared Goode got the better of the standup and ground battle against Gahan. However, Gahan would take advantage of an apparently fatigued Goode in the second round. Goode simply laid back and appeared to goad Gahan into his guard without trying to pull Gahan into his guard. Gahan did not fall for it and instead landed hammer fists from the right side of Goode to find the TKO finish in round two.

Josh Burkman def. Jamie Yager  by submission (guillotine choke). Round 2, 3:25
Dave Castillo def. Gordon Bell by KO (punches). Round 1,  2:39
Justin Buchholz def. Clay Collard by submission (guillotine choke). Round 3, 1:35
Jan Jorgensen def. Clifton Bishop by TKO (punches). Round 1, 3:23
Mike Gahan  def Daniel Goode by TKO (punches). Round 2, 3:29
Jordan Chandler def. Craig Ross by submission (guillotine choke). Round 2, 0:24
Alexis Burkman def. Mark Nay by disqualification (kick to the head of a downed opponent)
Eric Wahlin def. Francisco “Cisco” Alcantara by submission (calf slicer). Round 1, 2:05
Brad Darrington def. Tanner Cowan by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Photo: Josh Burkman (R) faces off with Jamie Yager (Rob Norbutt/

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  • Great coverage on this event. That fight of the night with Collard and Buchholz was UNREAL!

    • Dale De Souza

      Easily a FOTY candidate, in my honest opinion. It’s just too bad that I think very few were able to see it!

      • Chris Collard

        How can you say Collard won the first 2 rounds arguably?? He beat the crap out of him. He crawled to his corner between the 2nd and 3rd rounds!