Trash talk has forever been recognized as a part of any sport across the globe. Whether it be America’s game of football, Europe’s version of futbol, or even cricket in a third-world country, trash talk has been alive and well for as long as mankind has lived.

When we think of trash talk in the world of MMA, our immediate thought is linked to UFC middleweight Michael Bisping. However, to Bisping’s credit, he’s been able to back up his frequent talk with a masterful skill set and an electrifying record of 22 wins with just four losses.

Bisping, who’s coming off his most recent defeat to UFC standout Chael Sonnen, had words to say regarding his outspoken former opponent and his second-round loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 148.

Bisping (R) battles Chael Sonnen (Paul Thatcher/Fight! Magazine)

“Chael’s first round was great,” said Bisping in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “His second round, what the [expletive]. It was fair play for him stepping up to fight. He is a fighter’s fighter and it made sense for him to step. But, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t have taken it, especially coming off a knockout loss? I know I would have! For Chael, it’s a win-win.”

“I would have 100 percent taken that fight. I would have bitten the hand off at that opportunity,” admitted Bisping. “That is why I compete in this sport. I want to be No. 1 in the world.”

Bisping’s talk of the middleweight division didn’t come to an end as he addressed the Silva situation. The situation being that Silva feels he has cleaned out the middleweight division, allowing little room remaining for competition. However, according to Bisping, this statement is as untruthful as they come.

“That statement absolutely upsets me. It’s frustrating. He has not cleaned out the division. I know for a fact that I can give him the best test he has ever gotten at middleweight,” said Bisping.

“I think I can mix it up where other fighters can’t. I can stand or take him down. Everyone else has relied on one thing and that was taking him down,” said Bisping. “I am much more well-rounded.”

When Bisping gets rolling, the ball doesn’t stop. As the questions began to pile up, Bisping continued to shine a light on his fellow middleweight opponents, including Mark Munoz and UFC newcomer Hector Lombard.

Bisping (top) pounds on Jason Miller (Paul Thatcher/Fight! Magazine)

“When I think of the most overrated fighter, in my opinion, it’s Mark Munoz. He’s a great guy and a great person. But, I think he is overrated. When I think of Hector Lombard, I think no to fighting him. I say no to his performance [against Tim Boetsch], I think no to him being in the UFC,” said Bisping. “In general, when I think of Lombard, I think of the word ‘no’.”

Bisping’s consistent image as a villain certainly hasn’t kept his name out of the media discussions. If anything, Bisping has developed a reputation for speaking his mind and rarely shying away from confrontation. To Bisping, while he’s loved in his home country of England, he realizes not everyone is in his corner.

“I’m viewed as a hero in England. Also, contrary to popular belief, I have a lot of fans in the United States as well. I fight internationally and have fans all over the world,” said Bisping.

“You can’t have everyone like you, but I think people over-hype how much I am hated.”

Bisping’s words might cast him in the villain’s role, but come Saturday, he’ll fight American favorite Brian Stann on somewhat neutral ground in Toronto. Whether booed or cheered, Bisping will be out to do just one thing: back up his words en route to earning a chance to fight Anderson Silva.

Top Photo: Michael Bisping (James Law/Heavy MMA)

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