The mass media plays a significant role in producing and reporting the ongoing events of today. Launched in July of 2012, AXS TV has served as the premiere destination hub in covering live events and keeping fans up to date with the popular trends in the world today. Leaving no loose ends in its statement, the network has also caught on to the growing MMA phenomenon. Grasping on to this epidemic, it has reached out in this sector with its televised viewings of rising franchises like Maximum Fighting Championship, XFC, Legacy FC and Titan FC.

With the expansion of its programming in covering fight events from different sectors of the globe, the network seems to be generating a huge television rating from its MMA following alone. Fight organizations like the Texas-based Legacy FC have always put up major numbers at all of its events. Its latest show, Legacy FC 14, produced the highest rating of the show to this date with action-packed bouts and the crowning of a new Legacy FC champion, which is extremely impressive for a new company.

However, as with everything in the world, there is always room for improvement and expansion. With these smaller promotions still growing, AXS TV should center its attention on acquiring at least one additional known major regional promotion to skyrocket its business to the next level.

The network seems to have a strong niche when it comes to airing fights not only in the U.S but also other portions of the world. AXS utilizes an expansive network of promotions from Canada, Europe and Asia to broadcast more fight events that any other network. With this type of influence, AXS clearly has enough power to target more well-known regional fight promotions.

For instance, when examining the English BAMMA fight franchise, although it is recognized for its great fights, the company lacks money to push it to the next level. Flaws in the shows’ lighting and unknown talents, amongst other concerns, all tally up to an eventual decline in its viewing because, as a spectator, everyone wants something new and innovative.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have a company like One FC. Although still growing in its own rights, there are many factors—a larger fight roster, recognizable fighters that fans will become attracted to, and an overall more worldwide-based following within that region—that would make this a more profitable investment than BAMMA.

By minimizing at least two fight programs that draw the lowest TV rankings and adding two major regionals such as One FC or another recognized entity like Tachi Palace Fights or Ring of Combat, AXS can have a balance of major promotions while also keeping in touch with the rising stars of today.

Clearly, with its rapid ascension in the media industry, AXS TV knows what it takes to become successful. Its winning strategy seems to be working thus far. However, this key element will only last so long as this network must create new avenues in keeping its place at the top of the MMA network mountain.

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