On Friday, Oct. 5, Invicta Fighting Championships hosted the weigh-ins for Invicta FC 3: Penne vs. Sugiyama from the Aladdin Holiday Inn Hotel in Kansas City, Mo.

The Oct. 6 event takes place from Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kan. The entire event will stream live on the promotion’s website starting with the preliminary card at 7 p.m. ET.

Twenty-seven of the 28 fighters made weight for the event, including the night’s headliners, Jessica Penne and Naho Sugiyama. The pair will battle for the promotion’s inaugural atomweight belt.

Per Invicta: any fighter who misses weight on her first try will be deducted 10 percent of her fight purse. If a fighter is still unable to make weight on her second try, the penalty increases to 25 percent.

Click the tabs below the results for a full photo gallery shot by The MMA Corner’s Jeff Vulgamore.


Main Card
Jessica Penne (104.4) vs. Naho Sugiyama (103.6)  (for the inaugural Invicta atomweight title)
Shayna Baszler (134.6) vs. Sarah D’Alelio (135)
Kaitlin Young (135) vs. Leslie Smith (135.4)
Aisling Daly (125) vs. Barb Honchak (124.2)
Tara LaRosa (127.6)* vs. Vanessa Porto (125)
Cat Zingano (135.2) vs. Raquel Pennington (135.6)
Michelle Waterson (106) vs. Lacey Schuckman (106.2)**
Julia Budd (146) vs. Danielle West (145)
Preliminary Card
Lynn Alvarez (115.2) vs. Carla Esparza (115.4)
Ashley Cummins (115.8) vs. Joanne Calderwood (115.2)
Amy Davis (106) vs. Stephanie Frausto (104.6)
Jessamyn Duke (135.4) vs. Marciea Allen (134.4)
Tecia Torres (114.4) vs. Kaiyana Rain (113.4)
Katalina Malungahu (144.4) vs. Ediene Gomes (144.4)

*LaRosa was unable to cut any more weight after an additional two hours and forfeited 25 percent of her purse.

**Schuckman reached the atomweight limit on her second attempt and was fined 10 percent of her purse.

[tabgroup][tab title=”Penne vs. Sugiyama”]

Jessica Penne faces off with Naho Sugiyama

Jessica Penne

Naho Sugiyama

[/tab][tab title=”Baszler vs. D’Alelio”]

Shayna Baszler faces off with Sarah D’Alelio

Shayna Baszler

Sarah D’Alelio

[/tab][tab title=”Young vs. Smith”]

Kaitlin Young faces off with Leslie Smith

Kaitlin Young

Leslie Smith

[/tab][tab title=”Honchak vs. Daly”]

Barb Honchak faces off with Aisling Daly

Barb Honchak

Aisling Daly

[/tab][tab title=”LaRosa vs. Porto”]

 Tara LaRosa faces off with Vanessa Porto

Tara LaRosa

Vanessa Porto

[/tab][tab title=”Zingano vs. Pennington”]

Cat Zingano faces off with Raquel Pennington

Cat Zingano

Raquel Pennington

[/tab][tab title=”Waterson vs. Schuckman”]

Michelle Waterson faces off with Lacey Schuckman

Michelle Waterson

Lacey Schuckman

[/tab][tab title=”Budd vs. West”]

 Julia Budd faces off with Danielle West

Julia Budd

Danielle West

[/tab][tab title=”Alvarez vs. Esparza”]

Lynn Alvarez faces off with Carla Esparza

Lynn Alvarez

Carla Esparza

[/tab][tab title=”Cummins vs. Calderwood”]

Ashley Cummins faces off with Joanne Calderwood

Ashley Cummins

 Joanne Calderwood

[/tab][tab title=”Davis vs. Frausto”]

Amy Davis faces off with Stephanie Frausto

Amy Davis

Stephanie Frausto

[/tab][tab title=”Duke vs. Allen”]

Jessamyn Duke faces off with Marciea Allen

Jessamyn Duke

Marciea Allen

[/tab][tab title=”Torres vs. Rain”]

Tecia Torres faces off with Kaiyana Rain

Tecia Torres

Kaiyana Rain

[/tab][tab title=”Malungahu vs. Gomes”]

Katalina Malungahu faces off with Ediene Gomes

Katalina Malungahu

Ediene Gomes

[/tab][tab title=”Other”]

Invicta Ring Girls

Invicta Championship Belt


Top Photo: Jessica Penne (L) and Naho Sugiyama (Jeff Vulgamore/The MMA Corner)

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