The episode began with Joey Rivera returning to the locker room after his win over Sam Alvey as seen last week. The win gave control of the next fight pick to coach Roy Nelson’s team. “Big Country” decided the next fight will be picked by drawing straws, with the shortest draw to decide their next move.

Julian Lane had the shortest straw of the group and decided he will fight next. He had to chose an opponent to be announced later in the episode.

Dana White got the two coaches and teams together to announce they will have a night of fun to break the monotony. Everyone’s treat was watching the upcoming Kevin James comedy film “Here Comes the Boom”.

They all gathered in a theatre and clips of the film were shown. Matt Secor shared that he watches movies in the theatre by himself sometimes back home. In one scene, a green-haired Jason “Mayhem” Miller beats up on Kevin James before taking a KO hit himself. In another scene we see MMA legend Bas Rutten kicking a crunch ball into someone’s head. Carwin doesn’t let the night out stray him from business and says he and his team will be ready to resume training early in the morning.

The next day in training Lane complained about exercising further. Nelson expressed concern that Lane’s cardio will not be prepared for the fight if he doesn’t push himself. Lane explained he probably will only have to fight for 10 minutes and isn’t concerned with pushing himself in practice. That sentiment is a bad sign for someone in a competition with other hungry fighters.

At the fight announcement, Lane chose Bristol Marunde (contributor of the weekly Ultimate Fighter blog here on The MMA Corner) as his challenger. Lane felt he was more well-rounded and had more heart than Marude. Marunde’s coach Shane Carwin disagreed, calling Marunde a more “refined” fighter. To Marunde’s credit, when picked he appeared serious and ready to fight in the face of Lane’s talking.

In Marunde’s training session for the fight, he got advice from Strikeforce welterweight champion Nate Marquardt and sparred with UFC heavyweight Pat Barry. Marunde is 15 pounds over the welterweight limit the day before the fight at 186 lbs. Cutting the weight and rehydrating will be his biggest preparation for this fight.

On the day of weigh-ins Marunde made the welterweight limit much to Lane’s chagrin. Lane made a comment to Coach Nelson about Marunde not being weighed properly, which foreshadows an odd conversation and humorous reaction between Nelson and White.

Bristol Marunde vs. Julian Lane

In the opening round Marunde winged a hard right and Lane initiated a clench. Marunde reversed the hold and pinned him against the cage. They both worked for position and Marunde scored with shoulder strikes and knees. Marunde then gained a Thai clench and landed several big knees to the body of Lane, the first of which caused Lane to let out a big grunt. Lane bloodied Marunde’s face in an exchange and was put back against the cage. Both circled out towards the center of the cage with a minute and half left and Lane again found himself in the bad position of his back to the cage. Marunde stuffed a takedown from Lane and worked from the side mount until the close of the round.

The second frame started with Marunde landing a couple of hard leg kicks in the first minute and dictated the pace. Lane began to look tired and in pain. Nelson pushed him with: “It’s a fight, you gotta take it! You gotta want it!.” Lane briefly found success coming forward with two punch combinations but clearly didn’t “own” the fight as Coach Nelson instructed. Marunde calmly stayed outside of his opponents range with his hands up. With a minute and half left, Marunde clinched with Lane and put him against the cage again, and delivered more knees. It could be seen as a close fight given the amount of damage on Marunde’s face, but neither pushed the pace, and the two sporadically engaged until time ran out.

All three judges scored the fight in favor of Marunde

Official Result: Bristol Marunde def. Julian Lane by unanimous decision (20-18 x3)

Nelson stated his fighter lost because “he let Bristol control the range.” White was critical of Marunde saying “he [Marunde] could have stopped that fight with those leg kicks in my opinion.” Regardless, Marunde took the victory and sweept the judge’s scorecards to bring the momentum back to Team Carwin.

As the fighters exited the cage, Nelson approached White, in an attempt to discredit Marunde’s win, and explained that Marunde did not make weight. White looked dumbfounded at the statement. “Do I need to make sure the commissioner is doing his job?” Nelson asked White. White reinforced his faith in the athletic commission to Nelson and stood by their word on Marunde being on weight.

In an interview White says of Nelson, “He says the dumbest s**t” and “You can’t fix stupid.”

Back in the locker room Lane is crestfallen from the loss. He doesn’t have a job back home and all his time is devoted to training. He expressed that he feels bad about the loss because he felt he was failing his family and child back home.

Lane’s loss may prove to be bad for the remaining competitors as scenes for next week’s episode shows an angry and possibly inebriated Lane lashing out at the other fighters.

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