After a recap of Colin Fletcher beating Team Australia’s Ben Wall by unanimous decision, a couple of UK fighters explained that they did not plan on calling Wall “Fox Piss” anymore, due to the respect he had earned through that fight.

Ross Pearson then showed up to the house and woke up all of his fighters early for an outside training session. They went by a hilly area where it was raining, so it felt like they were training at home. There, they shadow boxed, ran sprints and did other things that Pearson deemed a success.

Meanwhile, the  Aussies trained at their normal training time in the gym. They did sparring and an intense workout, for which coach George Sotiropoulos was pleased.

The next fight was then announced in the welterweight division. Pearson selected Robert Whittaker of Team Australia to face Luke Newman of Team UK. After squaring off, Pearson asked Sotiropoulos who he would be rooting for, seeing as Newman is a training partner of his at American Top Team. Sotiropoulos answered with Whittaker after a short pause.

The night before the weigh-ins, Newman was seen drinking some coconut water, which was not a great idea. When he showed up to the gym the next day, he was nine pounds overweight, which was up two pounds from the previous night. Pearson had him throw on a sweatsuit and sweat out the weight on the exercise machines.

Weigh-ins came and both men finally tipped the scales. Both men weighed in at 170.5 pounds, though Pearson notes that Newman made the weight cut “a thousand times more difficult than it had to be.”

Robert Whittaker vs. Luke Newman

To start the fight, Newman came out aggressively, throwing heavy leather and backing Whittaker up. He hit Whittaker with a hard combination, that did not seem to faze the Aussie. As Whittaker reset, Newman came in and got caught by a huge right hand that dropped him. Several follow up shots later, Whittaker was pulled off and Newman was out cold. All it took was 19 seconds.

Official Result: Robert Whittaker def. Luke Newman by KO (punches). Round 1, 0:191

Team Australia regained control, and Whittaker joins teammate Ben Alloway as the second welterweight to advance. Of course, Colin Fletcher of Team UK is the only Brit in the lightweight semifinals so far. Next week, we will find out the next lightweight to advance.

Photo: Robert Whittaker (Chris de la Cruz/Sherdog)

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