The fourth episode started off with a recap of last weeks fight, where Robert Whittaker of Team Australia knocked out Luke Newman of Team UK in 19 seconds. Following the fight, the doctor determined that Newman needed a 30-day suspension, as the knockout was enough to keep him from hard training. Newman is quoted as saying when the doctor was checking him out, he thought he was warming up for the fight, an obvious effect from the knockout.

A tough training session of Team Australia was shown. They did a session on the beach, where they ran on the shores and then ran up and down a gnarly hill. The fighters said after their workout, their legs felt like lead.

After that, there were a couple of heavy sparring sessions. Both teams really looked to intensify their training sessions to keep themselves in shape and ready to go.

The fight was then announced. Team Australia picked Norman Parke of Team UK to fight their own member Richie Vaculik. Coach Ross Pearson noted that Parke was the biggest lightweight on Team UK, while Vaculik was the smallest lightweight in the competition.

To back this up, we went to the weigh-ins. Parke cut weight and weighed in at 156 pounds. On the other hand, Vaculik did not cut weight and weighed in at 153.5 pounds. This definitely played a factor in the fight.

Richie Vaculik vs. Norman Parke

Parke came out immediately and showcased his size. He earned a takedown and worked from the top. Eventually, Vaculik got back to this fight and a clinch battle ensued. There was some scattered striking, but it was mostly a position battle.

Parke attained another takedown midway through the scrap. He attempted a guillotine choke on Vaculik, but the Aussie battled out. After Vaculik got back up, Parke again got him down and attempted a guillotine. Parke ended the round on top to earn an easy 10-9 nod.

The second round was similar to the first. Parke got his takedown on Vaculik, bloodied the Aussie with some ground and pound, attempted a D’Arce choke at one point, rode out top position for the rest of the fight and left no doubt in the judges mind.

Official Result: Norman Parke def. Richie Vaculik via unanimous decision (20-18 x3)

Team UK celebrated while the Aussies reflected on what could have gone better. The win by Parke makes him the second lightweight to advance, joining teammate Colin Fletcher in the 155-pound semifinals. Robert Whittaker and Ben Alloway remain the only two welterweights in the semifinals and both are from Australia.

Photo: The TUF Smashes cast, including coaches Ross Pearson and George Sotiropoulos (UFC)

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