Rickson Gracie has created a new MMA promotion with an old school style of rules. This promotion goes by the name of Mestre do Combate.

One of the first odd things about the promotion is that weigh-ins are the day of the fight. This is put in place to prevent large weight cuts by fighters and is meant to make the fight more even.

So, should the promotion sign a fighter that does cut a decent amount of weight to fight, that fighter will literally be screwed from the get-go. They will be physically drained going into the fight and not have any recovery time.

I understand the desire to have fighters competing with guys their own size, but a guy like Rickson Gracie should appreciate the challenge that goes with fighting a larger opponent. Wasn’t it Gracie jiu-jitsu that set out to prove that no matter what your size, you can beat any opponent even if he is much larger than you?

Furthermore, there are even odder regulations than the weigh-in rule.

For example, the bell will not sound at the end of the round if it looks like a fight is about to be finished. The promotion wants to allow the course of action to take place, such as a knockout or submission.

Listen, I know people want to see finishes. In fact, I hate decisions in any case where it happens. But the fact of the matter is that the use of timed rounds is there for a reason. If you are going to have timed rounds, you can’t just not sound the bell at the end of the round because someone is on the verge of getting beaten. It defeats the purpose.

Another rule that will be in place is that there will be no judges. Should the fight go to a decision, the referee, Rickson Gracie and the audience will decide who wins the fight.

Yes, you read that correctly. The impartial ruler of the match, the owner of the promotion and the usually biased spectators will decide the winner of the fight. And we thought the current judging criteria was off.

The problem with that, at least in terms of the biggest problem, is the audience. I know Rickson will be unbiased because that’s usually how the Gracies are. The ref will probably be an okay option, as he has the best view of the fight.

But, the audience gets a say? That’s a joke, in my opinion. If it were up to me, Dan Henderson would never lose a fight by decision. He would have defeated Jake Shields, won the light heavyweight title from Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and beat Kazuo Misaki in the 2006 Pride Grand Prix Quarterfinal.

You see what I am getting at?

I like the promotion’s team concept, but the rest just sounds too complicated and odd. I think the rules won’t work well and this promotion will go through some early troubles.

But, I suppose I am intrigued just a bit.

Photo: Rickson Gracie (Sherdog)

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