The feeling that the Brazilian fans have about their idols in martial arts is translated in the determination for having someone or some reason to hold on to their own dreams or personal goals. Idols in Brazil turn into legends.

We see countless athletes turning into inspiration to a legion of children and teenagers who dream about one day achieving everything their idols did.

Passion! That is the word of the Brazilian MMA fan. The country is the crib of worldwide MMA, much of that through the Gracie family and their jiu-jitsu philosophy and technique. Today we reap what we sow with the UFC popularity in this country.

Brazil is not seen only as the country of samba and soccer around the world anymore, but also as one of the biggest building machines of high-level athletes like Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Junior dos Santos, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Demian Maia and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, among others.

Watching the UFC in Brazil is something magical, an indescribable emotion. It is poetry to your eyes and ears—a symphony coordinated by 16,000 voices that makes that moment unique and worthy. It is being part of something unforgettable.

They are voices of people passionate for their idols, for the UFC, for Brazil. Every move that makes the fans stand also gets foreign people curious about the Brazilian energy.

The Brazilian fan doesn’t even miss the preliminary fights. For them, to stay out is neglecting the fighter; it doesn’t matter his record. The only place you’ll see endless lines is to get in to watch the first fight; as if every fight in the preliminary card was the main event of the evening.

The expression of admiration from foreigners fascinates even us Brazilians. Fighters from other countries win fights and feel “embarrassed” for winning. They make sure to enhance the crowd in their victory speeches.

It’s hard not to fall in love with all this, just like it is hard for a fighter to lose at home.

Every Brazilian fighter dreams about fighting in Brazil to give back all the love they get with each victory—whether by decision, submission or knockout.

For each fight, movement, victory, fighter entrance or fighter exit, there is a sound.

Listening to 16.000 people chant with Bruce Buffer his traditional “It’s Time!” is priceless and gives you the chills. The fans create a symphony and the unique experience is unmatched by others.

To quote UFC President Dana White, “If you are a UFC fan, you have to experience seeing a fight in Brazil.”

Photo: The UFC 153 Crowd (Ana Carolina Santos)

About The Author

Aline Bak
Staff Writer, Brazil

A native of São Paulo, Brazil, Aline began watching MMA with her father during the heyday of Pride in the early 2000's. Her passion for the sport soon turned to the UFC not long after. After attending UFC 134 in Rio de Janeiro and UFC 146 in Las Vegas, Aline was asked to recount her experience for Tatame—one of Brazil's biggest media outlets—and thus began her writing career. In addition to her work for The MMA Corner, she maintains her own site about MMA.