After a win by Colton Smith over Eddy Ellis in last week’s episode, the momentum shifted to Roy Nelson’s team. Much controversy has occurred over the past several weeks, so drama between Nelson and opposing coach Shane Carwin was in full effect.

Even UFC president Dana White had openly expressed his negative opinions on the judging this season, as he thought Smith and Ellis should have gone to a third round.

With Team Nelson in control, they got to pick the next fight. Instead of picking straws as they did in previous episodes, Nelson told his team to pick a number 1-20. Dominic Waters was closest to Nelson’s number, but decided to decline fighting this week. This opened the door for Michael Hill, who was the second closest.

The two teams met for the fight announcement, as Hill got up to square off with his opponent. Team Nelson chose Matt Secor from Team Carwin, who has had altercations with Hill in the past while in the house. The two men met face to face, with the usual trash talk in front of the camera moments for both men.

Production then shifted to Team Nelson’s training, as UFC light heavyweight Forrest Griffin joined to help out. The team had its workout before Team Carwin would come in to put in work.

Team Carwin’s Matt Secor was put in front of a camera to describe his past with the military, his success in jiu-jitsu, showing himself training in the grappling department, and downgrading his opponent’s nipple rings.

In the house, the guys were gathered around the table while Secor explained how his dad died just last year. Secor stated,”I’d give up all of this just to see my dad one more time.”

After a commercial break, Secor said,”He’s a little douchbaggie…but I don’t hate Michael Hill. I don’t hate anyone.” Cameras then immediately went inside the locker rooms of both men as they put in the final preparations for the fight. The two men walked through the double doors, and the fight was locked and loaded, ready to go.

Matt Secor vs. Michael Hill

Hill came out looking to establish his jab early on, while Secor went head hunting on some wild shots. Not much movement until Hill ended up on top of his opponent about midway through the round. Secor went to short shots from the bottom while switching to full guard with Hill still on top. Hill tried to transition to side control, but was unsuccessful. Referee Josh Rosenthol was forced to get the two back to their feet with the clock ticking down, as they horn signaled an end to round one.

Round two started and the two looked to get their hands on one another again. Secor shot in for a takedown, but was stuffed by Hill. Secor continued to power through to get his opponent against the cage before finally getting on top of Hill. After a couple of elbows, Hill turned to his side, which allowed Secor to take his back. The Team Carwin member went to work on a choke attempt, getting both hooks in while on his side, then sitting up to work against the bloody Hill. The round was without a doubt won by Secor, as the horn sounded.

With both fighters winning a round a piece, a third round was needed to determine a winner. Hill threw a spinning back fist a minute into the round, and ended up on in the guard of Secor similar to the first round. Secor looked to attack from the bottom with his legs, which played a key part in him getting back to his feet. Secor continued to gain momentum, as he turned the tables by gaining top position on Hill. Just as he did in the second frame, Secor went for a rear-naked choke, with a body triangle. Hill tried to reverse the position, but was still stuck with Secor on his back as the fight ended.

Michael Hill def. Matt Secor by split decision

Dana White on the first round of the fight, “That was probably the shittiest round I’ve ever seen.”

Carwin and White both agreed that the second and third rounds belonged to Secor, as he had control of Hill’s back the entire time.

White added on the effort of the two men,”Why did you come here? This isn’t summer camp.”

White was handed the scorecards, and was beyond shocked to find out that the judges had Hill winning the bout by split decision. The UFC president said of the judging,”The Nevada State Athletic Commission should be embarrassed.”

Both teams were upset that the judges obviously got the call wrong, as Hill walked back to his locker room in frustration, knowing he could have performed better even though he got the win.

Even with the controversy, the two fighters exchanged a hug in the locker room. But even though he showed respect for his opponent, Secor had a clear reason to be upset. But credit Team Carwin’s Secor for staying poised, saying that next time he won’t leave it in the judges hands.

A lot of drama on this episode of The Ultimate Fighter, as far as judging, poor fighting, and displeasure from the boss. But nevertheless, Team Nelson will be control next week, Friday night on FX, to pick up where the madness left off.

Photo: TUF 16 logo (UFC)

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