Trials and tribulations are common occurrences everyone must contend with in their lives. Although troublesome, these hurdles are minor setbacks in one’s destined pursuit toward reaching their greatest potential.

In order to reach this destination, one must go through a vicious storm. This scenario is something young fighter Tommy Knuckles is very familiar with. In reading the epic novel “Tommy Knuckles: Fighting the Storm,” one will get a clear perception of what it’s like to crawl from the abyss of desire to soaring prominence in the gradual climb up the mountain.

The featured character of this tale, Tommy Knuckles, is the true definition of what it means to have a fighter’s heart. His transformation from a boy to a man is constructed off the sole ingredients of suffering and fortitude.

Born in the barrios of Mexico, Tommy would undergo a tough upbringing as a child. Tortured on a daily basis by his peers, Knuckles was in need of a dire change to counteract the demons that plagued his life.

Through some sort of saving grace, following in his father’s footsteps, he would take up boxing as an outlet for his pain and self-defense. Unbeknownst to him, this gate would open the young Mexican to a new world of adventure filled with twist and turns, from his distant travel from Mexico to crossing the border to the big time in the United States.

The author of this masterpiece, Jarrah Loh, is a talented composer that definitely knows how to attract his readers. Using a brilliant approach, Loh is able to paint a vivid portrait of what is going on in the story, which gives observers a clear visualization of the main character’s journey.

The timeline of the book is well organized, outlining a clear step-by-step outlook looking into the life of Tommy Knuckles while leaving readers at the edge of their seat in anticipation for what lurks around each corner as they flip the page.

In addition, “Fighting the Storm” does a great job at relating to its audience. Coming up in life, everyone has dreams to achieve and must go through difficult hurdles in order to obtain them. This book is a great inspiration to those individuals and can be used as a motivational source to push one in achieving the same as Tommy.

Passionate, exhilarating and breathtaking—these are the distinctions which describe this classic chronicle. This is a must-have item for any avid reader or MMA fan’s collection. After reading this book, it will open your mind to a window of understanding into the sector of a fighter’s background, while also showcasing their gradual evolution as athletes.

With the first book clearly laying out the groundwork, it is no coincidence that this series is shaping to be a trendsetting moment in storytelling. Staying one step ahead of the game, Jarrah Loh hopes to continue this winning formula, which only leaves fan in great anticipation as to what he will reveal in the next episodes as the saga continues.

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