It seems like MMA fans are starting to get a kick out of craving the impossible.

For years, we’ve been teased with a potential super fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre, and no matter how unlikely it appeared, the MMA community (and media) have kept the window of opportunity open just a bit by making sure the idea never completely went away.

Now, it seems like we may finally get what we’ve been asking for.

Silva has taken out pretty much every fighter that interests him at 185 (sorry, Chris Weidman), and unless GSP falls to Carlos Condit in November, it seems pretty clear that St-Pierre is the only fighter that Silva wants to compete against.

But now that the fight between Silva and St-Pierre has reached the point where it finally looks like it may happen, the fans have turned their attention towards another potential blockbuster match-up that looks like it has no chance of happening.

Despite years of dominance from St-Pierre, his long layoff and size disadvantage already has fans chalking him up as just another name to add to Silva’s list of victims and the MMA community has elected a new challenger for Silva’s throne atop the sport.

That man is Jon Jones.

Jones has done some amazing things since winning the UFC light heavyweight title in March of 2011, and after taking out five straight former UFC champions in less than two years, it makes sense that fans would want to see Jones take on the best in the world.

However, if fans thought there were roadblocks standing in the way of Silva-GSP taking place, they’ll be shocked at the number of things that would need to go right in order for “Bones” to get a crack at Silva.

The first problem is the most obvious one: Silva and Jones really don’t have any desire to fight each other. Both men have stated that they have little to no interest in the match-up. While that hasn’t stopped the UFC from putting a fight together in the past, it certainly isn’t going to help matters.

UFC President Dana White believes he can throw enough money at the two that they will abandon their current mindset and decide to step into the cage, and to his credit, it seems to have worked a bit on Silva.

The UFC middleweight champion recently said that if Jones accepted the fight, it would be tough for him to turn down the opportunity. But he had one small stipulation that makes the fight almost impossible to put together: it must be a catchweight fight.

Silva normally fights at 185 pounds, but he’s made the trip up to 205 often enough that the weight differential wasn’t seen as much of a concern in regards to putting together the super fight. Silva said he would only accept the fight at a catchweight since he doesn’t want to fight Jones for the title, and, in all honesty, that may be better for everyone involved.

The UFC would obviously prefer to keep title belts on both Jones and Silva. And since “The Spider” doesn’t seem motivated to fight at light heavyweight, it doesn’t make much sense to give him a shot at that title.

The problem is, with Silva already giving up a significant amount of weight, he likely would expect Jones to cut a few extra pounds in order to make the fight as fair as possible.

While Silva has fought as low as welterweight in his MMA career, Jones is already one of the bigger fighters in the light heavyweight division and cutting any more weight than he already does would not only be unhealthy, it’s just plain unlikely.

With Silva likely unwilling to fight above 205 and Jones likely unable to get below that weight, the only other option would be a non-title fight, which would make little sense considering that the fight would take place at the light heavyweight limit. After all, if they fight at 205, it only makes sense that the title would be on the line.

As much fun as a potential fight between Jones and Silva sounds, it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. Silva is 37 years old, he’s beaten everyone the UFC has thrown in front of him, and regardless of whether or not he beats Jones, he is going to be considered the best of all time by the majority of MMA fans by the time his career is over.

There’s a lot to lose and little to gain for “The Spider,” and ultimately that will be the reason he won’t compete against Jones. It wouldn’t kill Silva’s legacy if he dropped a fight to Jones at this point in his career, but it would damage it nonetheless.

Silva has done enough in his UFC career to decide who he wants to fight and which weight he wants to fight them at, and it seems like his interest in fighting Jones is modest at best.

At this point, it looks like an Anderson Silva vs Georges St-Pierre super fight is the best we’re going to be able to get, and in all honesty, fans should be grateful for that fight alone.

Photo: Jon Jones (James Law/Heavy MMA)

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