Although the UFC is set to have a collision between welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and interim champ Carlos Condit, there’s another welterweight battle that could steal the show at UFC 154.

Martin Kampmann meets Johny Hendricks in the co-main event at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in what is more than likely a fight for the right to face the winner of GSP versus Condit. It’s a battle of two guys who have the power to end the fight in multiple ways.

While they may have that ability to end the fight early, against St-Pierre these two really don’t pose a serious threat to the welterweight king’s crown. In past fights, GSP has been able to defeat guys who excelled at one part of MMA or all different styles that make the sport what it is.

Whether it be the striking of Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy or B.J. Penn or the grappling skills of a Jake Shields or Jon Fitch. Heck, you can throw Matt Hughes and Penn in there for an all-around complete skill set, and yet St-Pierre has been able to take them all on and emerge with the win every time.

Hendricks has power and the wrestling to grind out a decision victory, but what are the chances of GSP being taken down and actually held there for an extended length of time? Probably close to zero seeing as how St-Pierre is a very hard man to take down due to his own version of wrestling and just the pure strength he possesses.

Kampmann has the striking and go-to move to end the fight, but again, so have other fighters that have stood across from the reigning champ.

While both fighters lack a serious shot at beating GSP, Kampmann has already beaten Condit and if the two were to win at UFC 154, then they would be set for a rematch in what could be a toss-up fight.

This is probably the best fight out of all the possibilities that arise from UFC 154. It would be a fight between two guys who combined have 41 finishes out of 48 wins, and it would be a rematch to top it all off. Both fighters are very adept and well-rounded enough to pose a threat to each other, and with Kampmann’s streak of pulling off amazing wins out of nowhere, it does seem like an even fight.

The mystery behind a Condit/Kampmann match is there, and either way, whether it be GSP or Condit versus Kampmann, Kampmann seems like the easier fighter to push from a promotional standpoint. With wins over Rick Story, Thiago Alves and Jake Ellenberger added in with a hypothetical win over Hendricks, plus his ability to put on entertaining fights with finishes, you can sign pretty much anybody up.

Everything though is purely based on speculation and might not even come to fruition for another year considering that the UFC is looking into a St-Pierre versus Anderson Silva superfight if GSP is successful in his return to the cage. Like most things, though, it isn’t written in stone and while the debate can rage on out here, it still needs to be decided in the cage.

Photo: Martin Kampmann (R) battles Jake Ellenberger (Paul Thatcher/Fight! Magazine)

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