The show kicked off with a recap of Mike Wilkinson’s victory over Grant Blackler in the lightweight bracket of the tournament.

Team Australia is shown sparring during a training session. Xavier Lucas gets heated when he feels that Ben Alloway was throwing his leg kicks too hard on an already sore leg. The two exchange some choice words, but eventually cooler heads prevail.

Team UK is shown training in the cage, when Mike Wilkinson takes an inadvertent poke to the eye. He goes to see the doctor to ensure he is okay, but the doctor tells him he has torn his retina and it will require surgery. Wilkinson is now officially out of the tournament.

The coaches meet with Dana White to decide the next fights. Since all the lightweights are from the UK, Ross Pearson basically makes the match-ups while voicing that a UK fighter should get a free ride into the finale since Mike is out of the competition now. They then ask the fighters one-by-one who they want. Lucas is told every welterweight has said he is the easiest fight, which upsets the Aussie very much.

Everyone is brought together and the fights are announced. In the welterweight division, Brad Scott will fight Ben Alloway, leaving Robert Whittaker to fight Xavier Lucas. In the lightweight division, Norman Parke will fight Brendan Loughnane, while Colin Fletcher will fight Aussie Richie Vaculik. Dana states that since the UK broke the rules with the phone, he decided an Aussie will fill Mike Wilkinson’s slot, much to Ross Pearson’s dismay.

Ben Alloway and Brad Scott weigh in for the first fight of the semifinals. Both men weigh in at 171 pounds and square off without incident. After the weigh-in, Luke Newman comments to Coach George Sotiropoulos that Team UK has a good striking coach if he wants to train with them. Sotiropoulos responds how that explains Newman’s first-round performance. Then, Sotiropoulos’ striking coach Nick Kara takes offense and starts talking trash. Valentino Petrescu says some negative things to Kara who challenges Petrescu. Eventually everything is broken up.

Ben Alloway vs. Brad Scott

The first round started off with an accidental groin kick by Alloway, who apologizes to Scott. Action resumed, with Scott being the aggressor on the feet. After some exchanges, they clinched against the fence. They break off and continue striking, with Scott looking the more comfortable of the two. After some good exchanges, they go back to clinching against the cage. Toward the end of the round, Scott gets Alloway’s back and achieves back mount. He looks for a rear-naked choke, but eventually the bell sounds. Scott likely earned this round 10-9.

The second round started with more striking exchanges. Alloway landed something and knocked down Scott. He pounced and achieved top control. Alloway used some ground and pound, which caused Scott to bleed. Eventually, Scott got back to his feet, but they went back to clinching against the cage. After some striking, Alloway shot for a takedown that Scott defended and reversed. Scott ended the round with Alloway’s back, but Alloway earned a 10-9 round here.

In the final frame, Scott was the aggressor again. After some fun exchanges, Alloway hit another accidental low blow, although no points were deducted. Back in action, they strike until more cage work is explored. Scott tripped Alloway and took his back one more time. Scott threw occasional ground and pound until Alloway finally got up. They went back to striking and Scott hit a nice body shot thathurt Alloway. This made Scott more aggressive. He would throw Alloway down at the buzzer, earning a 10-9 round.

Official Result: Brad Scott def. Ben Alloway via split decision

Brad Scott is the first person to clinch his spot in the finale. He awaits the winner of an Aussie-Aussie fight between Robert Whittaker and Xavier Lucas. Next week, Norman Parke squares off with Brendan Loughnane to determine who will be the first lightweight to earn a spot in the finale.

Photo: The TUF Smashes cast, including coaches Ross Pearson and George Sotiropoulos (UFC)

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  • The strategy of taking out an opponents legs is effective like mentioned in your post. Forrest may have lost to Rampage if he would not have done this.