When looking at the mixed martial arts pound-for-pound rankings, the names that stand out are the obvious ones. Anderson Silva is without a doubt at the top, along with Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre—all in your own personal order, of course. But at number four is arguably Jose Aldo, although he hasn’t done enough to pass the three elites of the sport just yet.

Even though the featherweight champion may not have the credentials, is it possible Aldo could be in the top three within the next couple of years?

It sure seems possible.

But the Brazilian cannot settle for fighting at 145 pounds his entire career. If Aldo defeats Frankie Edgar in early 2013, it will be a step in the right direction as Edgar was the lightweight champion. However, Aldo will need to fight at 155 pounds against top guys to solidify his pound-for-pound ranking.

Aldo has fought at lightweight before back in 2005, where he suffered his only loss, but that was before his WEC days and came when he was just a beginner. “Scarface” hasn’t lost since and is easily capable of staying competitive at 155 now.

If Aldo decides to move up to lightweight in the future, he would be right in the mix, just as Edgar is at featherweight currently. Edgar will get an immediate title shot in his first appearance at a new weight class, and since Aldo has been a champion since 2010, he would fight one of the best guys in the lightweight division, maybe even the champion right away.

But the question is, would this move be a long-term thing?

Obviously, if he wins at lightweight, he could be there to stay. With Aldo in the mix, the lightweight division would become even more stacked than it already is, and it would give the UFC many fight options.

It may not happen anytime soon, but if it does, Aldo will be successful even though he will be slightly undersized. But the Brazilian has defeated bigger featherweights, including Kenny Florian, in the past, so he’ll be well-suited for the division.

Right now, though, Aldo will need to get past Edgar on Feb. 2. If he is unsuccessful at defeating a former lightweight, the talk of a move up a weight class would come to an abrupt end. So before we imagine Aldo facing the likes of Ben Henderson or Nate Diaz, let’s watch and see how he performs against Edgar at UFC 156.

Photo: Jose Aldo (right) vs. Chad Mendes (Sherdog)

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