Dana White matched teammate versus teammate to fight again…except it was the two Canadians who were forced to fight, which appeared strategically matched for ratings.

The house continued to be full of madness, partly because I’m out of the tournament and I’m not going to leave without a little bit of fun!  I encouraged Eddy Ellis to have a few adult beverages with me, and we began searching for more mayhem without actually getting fined for house destruction.  One of these moments was when I kept encouraging Eddy to “do something stupid.”  Eddy, without looking, threw his gallon jug of water over his shoulder, knocking a giant light off the ceiling that came crashing to the floor, breaking into a hundred pieces.  This gave me a solid 15 minutes of uncontrolled laughter…until ‘reality’ came back and I joined back in with the rest of guys watching the clock turn one minute at a time.

Jon Manley and Joey Rivera fought each other in a pretty uneventful fight.  The two nicest guys in the house didn’t want to hurt each other…big surprise.  I could hardly focus on the fight as I watched the owner of the production company who sat next to Dana White shake his head and bury his face in his hands.  He obviously hated the fight and didn’t hide the fact he was disappointed that the two didn’t knock each other stupid in a stand-up war.  On a side note, which dingbat judge had that fight 19-19?!  The other judges both had it 20-18.

Mike Ricci did what we expected against his fellow Canadian in the house and beat him up, especially after calling Hill ‘weak-minded.’  One thing we appreciate about our teammate, Ricci, was that he wore an American flag tank top the week leading up to his fight.  We proud Americans adopted our Canadian friend for the week!  Ricci controlled the fight and won what seemed like a pretty easy fight with no damage taken.

All in all, nothing too crazy, just Dana and the producers annoyed at no finishes and lackluster fights.  I assumed they were not happy with our season’s fights as a whole, aside from my three fights, which were pretty good considering.

Photo: Bristol Marunde (Paul Thatcher/Fight! Magazine)

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