Xtreme Fighting Championship returned to Nashville, Tenn., for the 21st show in its history, and it quite possibly delivered the promotion’s most memorable moment.

The card featured a title tilt for the vacant lightweight crown, pitting Eric Reynolds against Nick Newell.  Newell has quickly risen to prominence due in large part to the focus on how he has overcome his disability—Newell was born with just one fully-formed arm—but on this night, he would realize a dream while also subtly suggesting that the MMA world focus less on his arm and more on his pure skill at finishing opponents in the cage.

Newell submits Reynolds, claims XFC lightweight belt

Eric Reynolds came out throwing with Nick Newell, but Newell secured body control and threw Reynolds to the ground with a body slam.  The exchange quickly turned in Newell’s favor, as he took Reynolds’ back standing, then took him to the ground.  In less than ninety seconds, Newell secured a rear-naked choke and Reynolds tapped.

Nick Newell secured the XFC lightweight strap with a submission at 1:22 of round one.

Ryan Thomas taps Corey Hill

Hill and Thomas came out kickboxing, but Hill quickly took Thomas down.  Both fighters worked up into the clinch, with Thomas against the cage.  Hill dangerously took him down into top guard.  Hill tried to slam Thomas from top mount, while Thomas had him in a straight armbar.  Thomas quickly transitioned into an upside down juji gatame armbar and Hill tapped.

Stephanie Eggink earns verdict over Heather Jo Clark

Eggink came out stalking, but Clark was clearly the aggressor early in the fight.  After a bit, the exchanges evened out and there was some clinch work on the cage.  Clark lost steam quickly as Eggink got comfortable on her feet.  After a weird standing-grappling exchange, Eggink pulled guard and, eventually, snagged Clark’s arm and held on for almost a full minute until the bell.

Eggink came out flicking left jabs, until Clark finally took her down, but she ended up in Eggink’s guard again.  Two minutes into the round, Eggink appeared to have a triangle victory, but Clark transitioned out, eventually taking Eggink’s back with side back control.  After a full minute of scrambling, Eggink took Clark’s back and transitioned into mount, from which Clark attempted to turtle, giving up her back.  Eggink dominated for the rest of the round.

Round three started the same, but Eggink looked much more relaxed than Clark.  Clark looked like she knew she was behind.  Eggink used great footwork, avoiding a lot of confrontation, but still scored with effective one-in, one-out striking, a la Dominick Cruz.  Clark’s only shot attempt was readily stuffed.

Eggink took the unanimous decision and called out Felice Herrig to cap her night.

Marcus Finch knocks out Dustin West

West and Finch came out guns-a-blazing, while cautiously feeling each other out between exchanges.  West clipped Finch quickly, but in the ensuing exchange, Finch clipped West with a right hook.  Before Finch could throw the follow-up left, the fighters banged heads, and West fell to the ground.  The ref quickly jumped in, as if it was a knockout, and the fight was over at 0:46 of the first round.

Finch won by a questionable stoppage, called as a knockout.

Ricky Rainey drops Donny Wallace

Both fighters came out cautious, Wallace shot, but Rainey stuffed him with a knee. Rainey is clearly a larger specimen, stalking Wallace.  Both fighters, after a small exchange, closed distance, and Rainey clipped Wallace against the cage with a straight right dropping him to the ground.  Rainey quickly punched his way to victory, with the official strike called as a devastating knee that was part of the flurry.

Rainey won by TKO at 1:42 of round one.

Jarrod Card chokes out Keith Richardson

Richardson and Card both came out swinging bombs and clinched up against the cage multiple times.  Richardson dominated the clinch, but they continued to separate.  Card took Richardson down and the fighters continued to scramble.  After the fight stood up,  Richardson played a stance-switching game most of the round with Card firing back continuously.  Richardson scored a takedown at the very end of the round.

The second round started the same as the first, but Card quickly clipped Richardson with a left hook.  Richardson went down.  Card quickly secured a guillotine choke, and Richardson went to sleep. Card won by technical submission with a guillotine choke at 0:24 of round two.

Full Results

Newell def. Reynolds by submission (rear-naked choke).  Round 1, 1:22

Thomas def. Hill by submission (armbar).  Round 1, 2:34

Eggink def. Clark by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x 2)

Finch def. West by KO (punch).  Round 1, 0:46

Rainey def. Wallace by TKO (strikes).  Round 1, 1:42

Card def. Richardson by technical submission (guillotine choke).  Round 2, 0:24

Gerric Hayes def. Jason Blackford by TKO (strikes).  Round 2, 2:56

Tommy Roberts def. Josh Phelps by TKO (strikes).  Round 1, 3:07

Jorge Medina def. T.J. Sidthilaw-Browning by submission (rear-naked choke).  Round 3, (1:36)

Cromwell Stewart def. Zachary Hicks by split decision (29-28 x 2, Stewart; 29-28 Hicks)

Photo: Nick Newell (L) and Eric Reynolds (XFC)