Over the weekend, three new Ultimate Fighter champions were crowned from the two coinciding shows from the United States and Australia. All three men have secured their first wins under the UFC banner, but their journey as UFC fighters is just beginning.

From The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes, lightweight Norman Parke and welterweight Robert Whittaker walked away from the show as the season champions. From The Ultimate Fighter 16, Colton Smith earned the title to win the American version of the show.

In examining the future of these men, we can draw comparisons to other past winners of the show whose career paths may closely mirror what these new winners will accomplish.

Norman Parke

Norman Parke is going to draw a comparison to a winner of the recent past, Court McGee. Parke is a guy that is solid wrestler with a good top-grappling game and developing striking.

McGee is more of a grinder than Parke, but their games are comparable. The Brit is going to be like McGee, in that he will dominate lower-level lightweights, but will struggle against well-rounded fighters in the middle.

Parke may have better submissions than McGee, but the overall game they possess is quite similar. Parke will rely on his smothering grappling game to earn success in the Octagon.

Robert Whittaker

Robert Whittaker is reminiscent of recent winner Tony Ferguson. Both men are power boxers, yet the only difference is that Ferguson has a wrestling background.

Whittaker’s takedown defense is solid, as is his ability to get back to his feet. He is amazingly quick and athletic, which will also make him elusive when people try to put him on his back. However, he will need to continue to train in wrestling. Guys are going to game plan Whittaker as a pure striker and look to put him on his back. A high-level wrestler will be able to achieve that goal.

Whittaker’s quickness and power will be a handful for anybody that stands with him. There is a reason he ran through the competition with such ease on the show.

Colton Smith

Colton Smith is really a one-trick pony with his wrestling, making it tough to draw a comparison to a past TUF winner. However, if there is one guy he is somewhat similar to, it is Michael Chiesa.

Chiesa is a grinder that has limited stand-up, which is basically the mold Smith is cut from. Chiesa’s UFC career has not seen him fight much yet, but these two will likely have very similar runs in the company. They will be the guys who beat the low-level competition, but falter against the top guys. They will be career mid-carders, and that is really it.

Out of the bunch, Robert Whittaker may have the brightest future because of his youth and ability to adapt over the long haul. However, Smith and Parke’s ground games will likely be staples of their respective divisions for years to come.

Photo: Robert Whittaker (Chris de la Cruz/Sherdog)