The majority of fighters will agree to the fact that the assurance of victory in a fight is usually acquired before one even steps inside of the cage. The training element of fighting centers on an athlete’s physical and mental development in their quest to showcase their hard work and talent on the main stage.

A rising star out of the Texas MMA fight scene, Craig Campbell is one individual that understands the importance of proper training. A fighter’s legacy is defined by his actions, which is something Campbell reveals through his training on his rigorous grind to the top.

Campbell lives a life in which the central focus is aimed at his growth as an athlete. Striving for excellence is always the daily goal in Campbell’s training regimen because in this fighter’s mind every second counts towards becoming better than he once was.

Cambell (Gabriel Chavez)

Given that Campbell maintains a constant workout schedule of six days a week, one would only assume that it would be practically impossible for this full-time real estate agent to commit to this type of training routine two to three times a day. Nevertheless, with such a busy schedule, Campbell counts training as the glue that holds his life together.

“I don’t train to fight, I train because I only get one chance in this body to push it to the maximum,” Campbell told The MMA Corner in an exclusive interview. “Working out is my sanity. As a full-time real estate agent, my day is hectic and full of last-minute changes, [so] working out is that constant in my day that I can have my mind to myself and just focus.”

Motivated by these incentives, this competitor goes into each practice at Matt Larsen’s Combat Fitness Center/AFC with great enthusiasm and focus on the task at hand. The right type of training usually leads to the right results, and the assistance of his instructors and teammates has become an important part of Campbell’s growth process.

“I train in wrestling, BJJ, boxing, Muay Thai, swimming, running, strength and conditioning,” he said. “All of my coaches are extremely important to each respective discipline. Jarrod Clontz, my BJJ instructor, and Jason Schaefer, my striking coach, have both made huge improvements to my ground and standing games respectively. Also, my strength and conditioning is also just as vital, and with the help of John Robison at Crossfit 254, that is where I get pushed to the brink weekly.”

With the long hours put in at the gym, the mind and body can become very weary on many occasions thanks in part to the many challenges a fighter has to contend with on a daily basis. The beat downs, injuries, frustration and away time from loved ones are all a part of the sacrifices Campbell is willing to endure.

Cambell (L) (Gabriel Chavez)

By not letting these lows point affect him seriously and also not getting too caught up in his high moments in training, Campbell is able to stay grounded and always push for perfection, because he fully understands that these trials are merely building him for the better in accomplishing his athletic goals and helping build a better life for his family.

The countless hours, money and energy invested in training all leads up to that one pinnacle moment where the skills gained in the gym are put to the ultimate test. Confident in his training, Campbell’s mind is free from doubt as he enters the cage against his opponent. His hard work has paid off handsomely through his domination over his opponents, with Campbell scoring all of his victories by way of submission.

“I go into each fight having no fear of defeat because I know I’ve done all I can do to prepare,” Campbell explained. “Fights are not won on fight night. They are won in those moments when you’re training and your opponent is resting.”

Gradually ascending the ladder, Campbell has his training regimen to credit for greatly contributing to the current success he is experiencing in his fight career. Each practice session, fight and trial contributes to his evolution as he advances another step toward becoming a better fighter than he once was.

Craig would like to thank Revgear and Crossfit 254 for their support, and his coaches: Jarrod Clontz, Jason Schaefer and Kris Perkins. He would also like to thank all of his training partners, too numerous to name.

Top Photo: Craig Cambell (Gabriel Chavez)

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