The UFC has promised plenty of super fights over the last few years, and they’re delivering a good one this weekend in Las Vegas.

A potential match-up between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar has been talked about for years in MMA circles, and it’s finally coming to fruition Saturday night. No matter who wins the featherweight belt this weekend, both fighters are going to remain near the top of the sport. But one of them has an opportunity to add a huge name to their resume with a win.

For Aldo, this would represent the biggest win of his career and would spark a lot of talk about his potential to compete in the lightweight division. There’s been speculation for years that Aldo has the ability to compete with the best 155ers the UFC has to offer, and a win over Edgar would prove that he would be a top-five fighter at lightweight at the very least.

However, while an Aldo win would prove that he’s more than able to compete at 155, the top of the lightweight division is a bit too cluttered at the moment for “Scarface” to jump into an immediate title fight, which would need to be the case if the champion was to switch divisions.

With guys like Chan-Sung Jung and Ricardo Lamas chomping at the bit to get a shot at Aldo’s belt, he may have enough challengers left at 145 to keep him busy for a while.

Ironically, a loss for Aldo may be enough to convince him to try his hand at 155. The Brazilian has had some trouble with his weight cuts over the course of his Zuffa career, and if he ends up getting fatigued against Edgar in the later rounds, it could lead to Aldo changing up divisions.

A move up in weight could be beneficial to Aldo at this point in his career, and potential fights against popular fighters like Nate Diaz or Eddie Alvarez would be tough to pass up when compared to the level of notoriety of any potential 145-pound opponents.

Just as a loss for Aldo could send “Scarface” up in weight, a loss for “The Answer” could convince Edgar to move back to the weight class that made him a champion.

It seems pretty clear that Edgar’s motivation to drop down to featherweight was the instant shot at the belt, and if he is unable to secure it in his 145-pound debut, it may end up being his only appearance at that weight altogether. A fourth fight with Gray Maynard is a possibility at some point if he returns to lightweight, and much like Aldo, he would probably prefer to fight marquee fighters at 155 instead of the up-and-coming stars at featherweight.

Even a win on Saturday doesn’t confirm that Edgar is going to stay at 145 for long. There’s been a lot of speculation that “The Answer” may attempt to become the first fighter to win belts in three different weight classes by dropping to bantamweight at some point before he retires, and with current 135-pound champ Dominick Cruz on the sidelines for the near future, Edgar may get the offer to fight at 135 faster than you would think.

If the offer to drop to bantamweight doesn’t come, Edgar may get forced into yet another rematch if his win over Aldo isn’t decisive. Edgar has fought his last six fights against a total of three opponents, and Aldo’s reign has been impressive enough to warrant “Scarface” a quick rematch if the result is at all in question.

Aldo and Edgar have been two of the most talked-about fighters of the last few years, and their ability to compete in multiple divisions has never been as evident as it will be on Saturday night. No matter what the end result is, both fighters have a ton of options in front of them, and it will be interesting to see where both men decide to take their careers after their bout this weekend.

Photo: Jose Aldo (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

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  • Robby Collins

    It’s a nice thought, but Edgar really doesn’t have many options now. He’s become the sacrificial lamb of the UFC. I wouldn’t doubt it if he retires out of exasperation.