In the MMA world, people either like UFC lightweight Jacob “Christmas” Volkmann or they cannot stand the man.

If anyone doesn’t, they need not worry, for they do not stand alone in their dislike for Volkmann. His workmanlike performances left many wondering how much of a threat he realistically posed to the upper echelon of the UFC lightweight division prior to Frankie Edgar’s UFC 144 defeat to now-champion Benson Henderson. Additionally, people who don’t mind the grinding efforts just cannot buy into the man because his personality just does not appeal to a large group of people, what with all the silly jokes and idle threats of defending takedowns from top-tier fighters.

It almost begs the question of whether Volkmann would benefit from going “full Chael Sonnen” in a interview or two. Sure, people will catch on to it, noting that nobody’s promo-gold touches that of “The American Gangster” on their best day, but consider the dislike some maintain for Volkmann, and maybe going down the villainous road in an interview might benefit him. People who didn’t like Volkmann before might enjoy a sound bite or two from the man they call “Christmas.”

However, will the attention that spawns from a more antagonistic approach prove itself as the gift that will keep on giving? While fans will love the comical bits that Volkmann may come up with, will detractors and non-believers take Volkmann lightly enough to suggest that he may never get past the middle of the pack?

Although some people might eat up everything Volkmann dishes out, others will want to remember that talking like a big-money fighter only works if someone reinforces their words. In other words, it won’t matter how much Volkmann talks and gains attention if he cannot back up his words. The UFC 156 loss to Bobby “King” Green does little to support Volkmann, though it definitely supports much of the negative opinions regarding his endgame in the sport.

Therefore, Volkmann can garner attention to himself, and that attention can manifest into good attention. But not all attention manifests into good attention simply on the basis of words spoken for hype. In order to truly get attention to oneself, fighters like Volkmann benefit best from heelish personas and more entertaining ribs on his competition along with consistent evolution in their game.

Normally, nobody would dare try to fix a perfectly-functional machine, but in Volkmann’s case, his machine can work wonders if he applies an upgrade, not only to the person who orates his thoughts before fight time, but also to the man who consistently works to reaffirm those spoken words on fight night.

Photo: Jacob Volkmann (R) delivers a punch (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

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