One of the most satisfying aspects of talking with MMA fighters is hearing a genuine person speaking to you from the other end of a phone line. You feel their desire and passion for the sport, and you can’t help but to want to see them succeed and accomplish their goals. Of course, there has to be a loser in every fight, but for Caros Fodor, he knows that loser can’t be him when he makes his UFC debut against Sam Stout on Saturday at UFC 157 in Anaheim, Calif.

Fodor was one of those Strikeforce fighters who really didn’t know what was going to happen once the promotion closed its doors for good. Especially with Fodor ending his Strikeforce career with a loss to Pat Healy, he hoped he wouldn’t be on the outside looking in on a UFC contract. That anxiety calmed a bit when he got a very relieving phone call.

“I was really nervous because I was coming off a loss to Pat,” Fodor said in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I knew Strikeforce was closing, and I knew how stacked the 155 division was in the UFC. I didn’t know if they were willing to take any other fighters. I was really nervous. When I finally got the phone call and was told I would be facing Sam Stout, that was one of the best phone calls I got in a long time.”

Fodor (top) works for a submission (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

Although Fodor is excited to skip over Facebook to be part of the FX portion of the prelims, he is also humble enough to know why he’s there.

“I think that’s more for Stout, but I’ll take it, I don’t care,” Fodor said with a slight laugh.

So far things are looking good for Fodor. He describes his training camp as being “perfect” and his cardio as “better than ever.” Excellent cardio may be just what Fodor needs against Stout. Of Stout’s last 11 fights, 10 have gone the distance.

However, going the distance is not what Fodor wants to do on Saturday night.

“I have an aggressive style,” he explained. “I like to be in people’s faces a lot and wear them down. One of my stronger points is the clinch and Muay Thai, although I think I’m just as well-rounded on the ground.”

And what about all of those “Fight of the Night” awards Stout has racked up?

“I’m definitely looking for a bonus, and I’m very thankful to be signed with the UFC and have the opportunity to fight for one,” fodor admitted. “I would love to get a ‘Submission of the Night’ or ‘Knockout of the Night.’ ‘Fight of the Night’ is probably the worst one, because that means the fight was a little too close for comfort.”

Fodor (top) controls his opponent (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

In addition to having aspirations of beating Stout, “The Future” also has a passion for helping autistic children. Once Fodor came home from the Marines, he took on jobs as a roofer and personal trainer, but he really found a love working at a foster home with autistic children and has been doing that ever since.

“I got involved with it through my mother,” he explained. “That’s what she did for a living. She ran foster homes for a living. I went away from it for a while, and seven years ago I got back into it. My god-mom and brother are really well-known for their expertise in autism.”

While Fodor is extremely confident in his skills, he knows the Stout camp may look to his last fight as a way to exploit him.

“They can look at my Healy fight and how I was able to be kept on my back. If he can keep me down, he could win some rounds that way,” Fodor said. “He’ll probably do what he normally does and try to knock me out, but I will not be surprised if he starts shooting on me.”

Fodor’s nickname is “The Future,” but he knows at 29-years-old that the future for him is finally within his grasp.

“Knowing I am in the UFC now and I have my shot that everyone wants to have, on the inside I have more motivation than I’ve ever had. I’m not getting any younger. Personally, it’s a big thing.”

Caros would like to thank his coaches: Matt Hume, Trevor Jackson,  Brad Kertson and everyone who supports him at AMC Martial Arts in Kirkland, Wash. Fodor will be sponsored at UFC 157 by: Toyota of Bellevue, Cobalt Mortgage and Action Tattoo. Follow Caros on Twitter: @carosfodor

Top Photo: Caros Fodor (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

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