People call Matt Grice “The Real One.” If his detractors didn’t understand why after his win over Leonard Garcia at UFC on FX 3 last year, Grice will look to deliver further proof with a win over Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez at UFC 157 inside the former Arrowhead Pond, now known as the Honda Center, in Anaheim, Calif., on Saturday.

For those who don’t remember his bout with Garcia, Grice came in with little recognition, a year away from action and a loss to Ricardo Lamas on his record. That said, Grice knew what to expect coming into the fight with Garcia, so what he did to prepare for the encounter should not surprise anyone.

“I changed some things up in my camp,” Grice told The MMA Corner in an exclusive interview. “I knew Leonard [is] a tough guy, he always comes to fight, and he’s more of a stand-up fighter who likes to turn it into a barroom brawl…that was my game plan, to take him down and control the pace of the fight.”

Of course, Garcia features a wild, offensive style of fighting that relies heavily on intense exchanges on the feet. However, Bermudez doesn’t bring the same type of fight to the Octagon. Ask Bermudez about Grice, and Bermudez will state that he signed on to face a mirror image of himself. Ask Grice about Bermudez, and he’ll put it bluntly: he knows Bermudez wants that takedown and the ground-and-pound if he can find the opening, because Bermudez can bet his bottom dollar on Grice looking for that same exact thing.

“Leonard doesn’t have any wrestling background,” Grice said. “Dennis has a strong wrestling background like myself. I see myself and Dennis a lot alike; we both, like I said, come from wrestling backgrounds, and we’re both not afraid to throw our hands.”

Before signing on to fight Bermudez, Grice did see instances of Bermudez in action, but honestly didn’t think too much about it. He didn’t need to, because when an offer comes to fight, Grice only needs to know a few simple details before he signs on.

“They just tell me when and where, and I’m good to go,” Grice said. “Whether it’s 15 seconds or 15 minutes, I prepared right for this fight.”

“I’ve done everything right, trained hard, and I’m ready to win.”

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Photo: Matt Grice (top) (Heavy MMA)

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