Week six began with Bubba McDaniel showing his disappointment at his loss to Kelvin Gastelum in the previous week and moved to the Tor Troeng versus Josh Samman match-up in this week.

Both coaches had nothing but great things to say about each fighter, especially with Troeng who has the unknown factor working in his favor since he has fought primarily in Sweden.

The Team Sonnen practice got out of hand during a simple jab drill between Uriah Hall and Luke Barnatt. Barnatt seemed to take Hall’s jab poorly and said Hall hit him hard for a practice drill.

“He’s not a team player, he’s an individual,” Barnatt said. “He’s an ego-driven machine.”

Focus then quickly shifted back to teammate, Tor, who received high praise from fellow European fighter, Barnatt. Troeng talked about his training regimen and his work at university where he surprisingly studies math.

Team Jones had a practice back at the house and the team didn’t seem to take offense to Samman’s attempt to help coach the team away from practice by watching their diets and coaching them through a practice back at the house.

Samman then discussed his previous tryout for TUF and how he almost lost his leg due to a blood clot. Samman also talked about his home life during his childhood and how it was ironic he became a fighter due to a household that didn’t allow violence.

The division between Barnatt and Hall took a big turn during a talk at night when Hall stated he would like to fight Barnatt as he felt it was a good fight. The rest of Team Sonnen talked more about it without Hall, and it almost escalated to Barnatt leaving a note on Hall’s bed calling him a traitor as the team feels he wants to be Team Jones instead.

Then the cameras shifted to Hall and Team Jones talking about how Hall is more a part of Team Jones, but Hall also saying he shouldn’t have said he wanted to fight Barnatt even though he said it “jokingly.” During this talk with Team Jones, Hall definitely distanced himself even further after calling Adam Cella’s girlfriend a name. Now not only are his teammates at arms length away, the entire house is pretty far from Hall.

The bad blood spilled into the next morning between Hall and McDaniel who further discussed the incident with Cella. The incident seemed to blow over though as both teams went bowling during the night. Sonnen then challenged Jones to a bowling match and won, forcing Jones to wear a Team Sonnen jersey during practice.

Tor Troeng vs. Josh Samman

Samman opened the fight pretty quickly pushing Troeng, but Troeng was able to stall Samman against the cage. The two then began to trade places against the cage and Samman went for an outside rip that landed Troeng in Samman’s guard.

Troeng landed some good shots before Samman was able to get back up and hold Troeng against the cage, landing some good shots as they stood. The two separated and Samman led with a nice body kick then landed a combination that dropped Troeng ending the fight.

Josh Samman def. Tor Troeng by TKO (punches), Round 1

Hall, again, after the fight opened his mouth saying he wants to fight Samman and wants to see him get beat.

Jones then chose Clint Hester, his first pick, to face off against Jimmy Quinlan. Sonnen was surprised at the match-up considering Hester’s boxing background and Quinlan’s jiu-jitsu background for what should be a very interesting match next week.

Photo: The Ultimate Fighter 17 (Zuffa, LLC)

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