After last week’s Uriah Hall debacle, the episode picked up with a little look back at it. Team Jones talked about how they felt that the finals would pit themselves against one another and how they were unafraid of the other team, mentioning Luke Barnatt and Hall by name.

From there the episode progressed to this week’s Clint Hester versus Jimmy Quinlan match-up with Team Jones discussing the fight. Hester claimed he wanted to win and claim one of this season’s bonuses.

The cast members then enjoyed a trip to Hooter’s after being locked up together for a while now. While there, Hall further alienated himself after refusing to take a picture with the group and keeping to himself, much to the other cast members dismay.

The day after his fight, Josh Samman complained about pains in his leg and took a trip to the emergency room to have his left leg examined. Last week, Samman mentioned about having prior blood clots in his leg and feared that his family’s history of blood clots could be coming back at this point in time.

Samman’s saga ended there though as the doctors ran tests on Samman and found that there was no blood clot in his leg, saving Samman’s time in the tournament.

The show quickly transitioned to Quinlan in his build-up to this week’s fight. Quinlan talked about his job as a police officer and how he transitioned into wrestling and mixed martial arts from his career as a cop. Chael Sonnen was quick to sing the praises of his team-member talking about Quinlan’s great grappling skills. Of course, the gameplan for Quinlan—as laid out by Sonnen—was to bring Hester to the mat and take his hands out of the equation to neutralize Jones’ top pick.

Hester’s pre-fight build-up revolved around his time growing up on the outskirts of Atlanta with his family. Hester started boxing when he was nine years old and from there he transitioned over to MMA and earned the support of his family.

Jones focused Hester’s preparation on evolving Hester’s takedown defense to help neutralize Quinlan’s wrestling and keep the fight standing, out of Quinlan’s comfort zone. Jones did admit though that Hester’s one weakness is his cardio.

Both fighters weighed in on target and of course, both teams sided with their own fighters for their predictions.

Fight day came and both fighters seemed at ease, joking with each other before their fight later in the day.

Clint Hester vs. Jimmy Quinlan

It didn’t take long for Quinlan to shoot for a takedown, opting to go for a single-leg to start the fight. Quinlan then was able to pick up Hester and slam him onto the mat, landing in side control, isolating Hester’s left arm. Hester got out quickly and Quinlan again tried to bring Hester back to the mat.

Quinlan tried a couple of times to hold down Hester and in doing so, Quinlan ate some punches from Hester. Hester did a nice job countering the double-leg takedown from Quinlan with a guillotine choke and ended up landing a few good shots afterwards when Quinlan had his back to the cage.

After eating the shots, Quinlan shot for a desperate double-leg takedown and couldn’t land any of the attempts as Hester continued to blast away at Quinlan. Quinlan was extremely determined though and got Hester down. Hester kept landing shot after shot as Quinlan tried to advance his position with 30 seconds to go and failed to do anything with the final takedown of the first round.

The second round began a lot differently with Hester instead shooting for the takedown to open the round. Eventually Quinlan reversed and went for a takedown of his own and held Hester on the ground against the cage. Quinlan got Hester’s back and from there, Hester’s reverse went wrong and Quinlan went into mount. Quinlan again got Hester’s back and started pounding away. After what seemed like weak shots, Hester was eliminated from the tournament as Quinlan locked in a rear-naked choke.

Jimmy Quinlan def. Clint Hester by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2

After the fight, Team Sonnen was extremely happy knocking out Team Jones’ top pick. Hester was clearly upset losing the fight stating he would be back.

Sonnen then went after Jones to make good on a bet to wear a Team Sonnen jersey to add insult to injury after Jones lost the bowling bet last week.

The final fight of the first part of the tournament was announced and by obvious process of elimination, Zak Cummings will face Dylan Andrews before the final legs of the tournament begin.

Photo: The Ultimate Fighter 17 (Zuffa, LLC)

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  • steve

    Jones seems clueless on the matchups. He already started with a matchup nobody else on his team agreed with that of course was a loss. Then he puts his number 1 guy who is a striker that Jones admitted doesn’t have good cardio against a very good wrestler. It made no sense. Especially when the last guy to fight on Sonnons team is a standup fighter. I already thought Jones was totally self-absorbed but now he seems to be putting what he wants for whatever reason over making the best decisions for his fighters. And it seems like when they lose he is more upset for himself and wanting to personally win against the other coach than for his fighters. Throughout this season he just keeps showing to him everything is about him. And I have never seen someone act so devastated for losing a bet over bowling. I’m sure being that competitive helps him personally when it comes to fighting but the guy is a terrible coach who doesn’t seem to understand his number one priority being there is to help these guys. Instead he throws them under the bus before and after fights making sure everybody knows it wasn’t the matchup or the gameplan or the coaching that was the problem. If his ego cant take losing a bowling bet then he definitely isn’t going to listen to his team about matchups or look to see what he should be doing better to help these guys win because that would be admitting he didn’t do everything right the first time. When they took their first win he actually said had they not won that he might have had to wonder if it was his coaching but said it in a way where it was obvious he just knows it could never have been that. I don’t thin Sonnon has any prayer of beating him but man I’d love to see Jones lose.