Two fights were featured on the 10th episode and it was kicked off with Bubba McDaniels worried about his upcoming fight with Uriah Hall. Coach Jon Jones picked up on McDaniels’ concern during their discussion.

Jones discussed Collin Hart’s gameplan for Kelvin Gastelum saying that Hart was average in everything except jiu-jitsu, which he felt Hart was extraordinary at. Chael Sonnen felt different about his fighter and said he sees Gastelum as a brawler, giving Gastelum the best chance from his team at eliminating Hart.

UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey, stopped by the gym as Gastelum is a huge Rousey fan. Rousey helped Gastelum—and the rest of Team Sonnen—with judo techniques. Sonnen told Rousey that Gastelum may have a better chance at winning the tournament than Hall, which was a bold statement.

Collin Hart vs. Kelvin Gastelum

Gastelum and Hart traded shots to begin the fight with Hart getting the better of most exchanges until Gastelum tagged Hart with a vicious left hook that dropped Hart. Gastelum then pounced on Hart and pounded away with a few more shots before finally putting Hart out of the tournament.

Kelvin Gastelum def. Collin Hart by TKO (punches). Round 1

It was a quick end to the first quarterfinal fight, but Hart seemed at peace with the loss straight after the fight. The quick finish to open the quarterfinal round moved the attention to the next fight, Dylan Andrews versus Luke Barnatt.

Andrews worked on his striking—specifically his Muay Thai—in his lead-up to the fight. Andrews wanted to get inside of Barnatt’s extraordinary range and make the most of Barnatt’s height.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson stopped by for the Andrews-Barnatt fight and dropped into Barnatt’s locker room. Barnatt was happy to see Tyson after growing up a fan of Tyson.

Barnatt was very confident in his striking—especially his knees—going into the fight against Andrews.

[alert type=white ]Dylan Andrews vs. Luke Barnatt[/alert]

Andrews closed the distance early and landed a couple shots on Barnatt while Barnatt was backed against the cage. Andrews then landed a takedown on Barnatt, but wasn’t able to hold him down for long. Andrews threw Barnatt back down when Barnatt tried to cage walk. Andrews had to avoid a couple of submission attempts as Barnatt went for both a triangle choke and an armbar.

Andrews allowed Barnatt back up, and tried a guillotine attempt on a rushing Barnatt, but failed to finish. Then after a roll, Andrews got Barnatt’s back and tried to sink in a rear-naked choke, but again, couldn’t finish.

Barnatt stood back up, landing a solid flying knee and stuffed a takedown. It was short lived though as Andrews secured a single leg takedown and landed in side control. Barnatt regained his guard against the cage in good position to attempt a cage walk to get back up. Andrews did a good job of controlling Barnatt though and both fighters landed some good shots as the first round ended with Andrews on top.

The second round started with Barnatt landing a few unanswered shots before Andrews answered back. Andrews was then able to push Barnatt against the cage and hold him there before Barnatt reversed position and escaped. Barnatt and Andrews again fought from the clinch before falling to the ground with Barnatt in mount position.

Barnatt attempted for a guillotine choke and that ill-advised attempt gave Andrews an escape. Andrews used it to go for a reversal on Barnatt. The two fighters then stood back up and Andrews, again, pushed Barnatt against the cage and swept Barnatt.

Andrews didn’t do much inside Barnatt’s guard this time around as Barnatt landed elbows from guard. After a roll, Andrews had an opportunity to get Barnatt’s back and after a pause, went for a choke and again, failed to finish.

The judges declared the fight a draw and therefore sent the fight to a third round as the two fighters recovered in their respective corners.

Andrews pressed Barnatt against the cage to start the third round and Barnatt was able to reverse and land some hard knees on Andrews. The two then separated and Andrews began landing some solid shots on Barnatt. The two fighters were visibly tired and hands began to drop as Andrews landed some hard shots before dropping Barnatt with a right hand and landing one more hammerfist to end the fight.

[divider]Dylan Andrews def. Luke Barnatt by TKO (punches). Round 3

Barnatt was angry with the amount of takedowns Andrews was able to get and looked back on it as the key to his loss to Andrews.

Andrews was happy as he is the first Team Jones to go to the semifinals. Next week will be the final two quarterfinal fights as Josh Samman takes on Jimmy Quinlan and Uriah Hall fights Bubba McDaniels.

Photo: The Ultimate Fighter 17 (Zuffa, LLC)

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