The second-to-last episode of season 17 kicked off with a Team Jones training session and Bubba McDaniel laying off to the side. McDaniel expressed how tired he was having fought three times in such a short amount of time. The rest of Team Jones was behind McDaniel and Clint Hester prepped himself to be ready to take McDaniel’s spot if McDaniel was unable to compete against Uriah Hall.

Josh Samman on the other hand was well prepared for his fight with Jimmy Quinlan and was very confident in his standup. Samman’s game plan was already settled as he talked about keeping the fight standing, stuffing the takedown and landing shots on the exit.

Gilbert Smith and McDaniel weren’t so high on Samman’s ability to beat Quinlan as they felt injuries and Quinlan possibly employing a lay-and-pray strategy.

McDaniel seemed more concerned that Hall wasn’t even one of his choices and yet, he got stuck with the toughest guy remaining in the tournament, further showing McDaniel’s apathy towards his upcoming fight.

Team Sonnen’s practice was the next to be spotlighted as Quinlan matched Samman’s confidence as he too thought he had a great chance to win their upcoming fight. Quinlan felt his striking was lacking and decided to focus more on that and bettering his weakness, which Samman previously said he would try and exploit.

McDaniel sat out yet again with a back injury that had been plaguing him recently and went to see a doctor to see if his kidneys were okay. McDaniel left the decision of whether or not he would fight in the quarterfinal match against Hall in the hands of the doctors.

The first quarterfinal match shown was between Quinlan and Samman and both fighters continued to spout their confidence heading into their fight.

Josh Samman vs. Jimmy Quinlan

Quinlan opened the fight by pressing forward and throwing combinations before going for a single leg slam. Samman landed a few good short elbows to Quinlan’s side, but Quinlan quickly moved into side control to avoid more punishment. Quinlan avoided a couple of submission attempts from Samman as Samman was able to recover his guard.

Samman continued to work from the bottom landing shots, but Quinlan picked him and slammed him once more. Samman attempted a triangle choke, but as he slipped Quinlan’s arm back to wrap his leg around, Quinlan moved to side control.

After a quick scramble, Samman got back up and landed a few good shots to Quinlan that pushed him into desperation mode, shooting in for a takedown.

From there, Samman was able to avoid the takedown, grab Quinlan’s back and land unanswered shots that referee Steve Mazzagatti thought was enough to stop the fight.

Josh Samman def. Jimmy Quinlan by TKO (punches). Round 1

Samman felt his performances have shown that he is the strongest fighter left, as all of his fights have come by finishes and in the first round nonetheless.

After the fight, McDaniel was cleared to fight by doctors who said he may have pulled a muscle and other minor things that come with having had a fight recently.

The game planning for Hall began as McDaniel wanted to utilize dirty boxing and make this fight as dirty as possible for Hall. Cameras then switched to Hall saying how he heard McDaniel was afraid to fight him to which Hall seemed to enjoy comparing himself to Anderson Silva in the “what am I going to do to you?” sense.

At the weigh-ins, Jon Jones wasn’t too happy with McDaniel’s body language and McDaniel didn’t seem to be a favorite amongst the other fighters heading into his fight with Hall.

Uriah Hall vs. Bubba McDaniel

The fight opened up with a quick knee to the body from Hall and another quick right shot that dropped McDaniel. From there, Hall landed a few more punches and the fight was over.

Uriah Hall def. Bubba McDaniel by TKO (punches). Round 1

McDaniel had trouble moving after the fight and when he was eventually able to stand back up, his eye was visibly swollen shut. McDaniel was angry after the fight as it lasted less than 15 seconds and when the doctors tried to open his eye, he couldn’t do it without any sort of pain. McDaniel is the second fighter to have faced Hall and gone straight to the hospital after the fight.

After semifinal deliberation, the fights were made for the final week of TUF 17. Both coaches agreed on the fights with Samman fighting Hall, but Dana White went a different route as Josh Samman fights Kelvin Gastelum and Uriah Hall takes on Dylan Andrews.

Photo: The Ultimate Fighter 17 (Zuffa, LLC)

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