The final episode of the 17th season of The Ultimate Fighter started with the semifinalists and coaches, Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones, customizing their own Harleys. The prize of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in addition to everything else seemed to add extra incentive to each fighter to go out and win the rest of the tournament.

The episode quickly shot to fight day as Kelvin Gastelum and Josh Samman prepped for the first semifinal fight of the episode.

Kelvin Gastelum vs. Josh Samman

The fight opened with a couple of kicks from Samman as the two began to judge range. Gastelum then took Samman down and started to work from Samman’s guard. Samman attempted to go for an armbar from his guard, which Gastelum escaped twice. Gastelum kept leaving his left arm open, leaving a shot for Samman who hung on for a kimura as Gastelum moved to side control.

Samman was able to cage walk back up and the two continued to switch positions against the cage. Samman performed a poorly executed toss and landed on his back with Gastelum in half guard. Gastelum then threw short elbows from half guard as Samman attempted to recover his guard. Samman recovered his guard and tried to go for an armbar yet again, but Gastelum was well aware and avoided the attack and started throwing shots from the top while moving to side control.

Gastelum was then able to get a hold of Samman’s back, locked in his hooks and got his arms around Samman’s neck. Gastelum locked in the fight-finishing rear-naked choke to defeat Samman in the first round.

Kelvin Gastelum def. Josh Samman by submission (rear-naked choke). Round 1

After the first semifinal fight, the episode shifted to Uriah Hall’s fight preparation. Hall, yet again, felt very confident heading into his fight with Dylan Andrews.

“It’s my time to shine,” Hall said brimming with confidence.

Andrews fight preparation was the next focus and, as the last pick by Team Jones, Andrews felt he had been a success story so far, and with a win over Hall, would be an even better story.

On fight day, Hall seemed focused on defeating Andrews and Andrews was feeding off the underdog story.

[alert type=white ]Uriah Hall vs. Dylan Andrews[/alert]

The two started off slow and a feeling out process, quite shocking considering Hall’s last two fights have ended so quickly.

Hall landed a few good shots including one head kick, utilizing movement to throw Andrews off. After a couple minutes, Andrews landed a good overhand right that made Hall move out of range. Hall kept teasing Andrews throughout the first round, bouncing his left leg and then following it up with a left kick. At one point Hall landed a hard left leg kick. Towards the middle of the round, Hall got more comfortable and more confident as he unloaded more on Andrews.

Hall used his jab really well throughout the round to keep Andrews at bay and the usage of leg kicks also took its toll on Andrews as a welt began to form on Andrews’ left leg.

The second round began where the first left off. Hall tried head kick after head kick to open the round and bloodied the face of Andrews. Andrews got more and more hesitant as his nose began to bleed and Hall landed jab after jab. Andrews threw a wild overhand right that made Hall move around and eventually, Andrews  tried to go for a double leg takedown and succeeded after a few seconds of struggling.

Hall had a grip of Andrews right arm for a kimura and struggled to finish the submission. Andrews used body punches to help defend the kimura, but Hall continued to go for the move. After a minute of struggling to finish, Hall let go and unleashed a flurry of punches from the bottom. The barrage eventually rocked Andrews, allowing Hall to sweep to the top and unleash a bigger onslaught of punches to finish the fight towards the end of the second round.

[divider]Uriah Hall def. Dylan Andrews by TKO (punches). Round 2

Hall’s win sets up the final against Gastelum at the finale.

Once again, everybody was impressed with Hall including Dana White who continued to heap praises of the middleweight. Hall was very happy with his performance as Andrews, with a super swollen face, was hugely upset with his elimination from the tournament.

Jones wasn’t happy that he lost to Sonnen this season as none of his fighters are in the finals. Jones also said that he didn’t dislike Sonnen after the season.

Photo: The Ultimate Fighter 17 (Zuffa, LLC)