So, you have just finished training with some of Australia’s best fighters at Integrated MMA in Brisbane. The training is tough enough as it is, but sometimes the walk home can be tougher. There are not many people who would go through a hard training session at an elite gym and straight after opt to walk 15 kilometers—nine miles—to get home, but that is sometimes a real-life scenario for Jessy Rose.

It’s dedication in its finest form, and it proves just how important the chance at being a full-time professional fighter is to her. It may not happen every week, but when it does, the realization that this is the path that she wants to follow comes to the front of her mind.

“I want to solely focus on being a professional fighter,” Rose revealed in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I do some personal training on the side and a bit of writing for a website to make ends meet, but my main focus is being a fighter.”

In her MMA debut, Rose used the nickname “Heart Breaker.” Many would assume it would have to do with her personal life, but that cannot be further from the truth.

“In my second kickboxing fight, the crowd was mainly for my opponent, and I won. My coach said that I broke a lot of hearts that night, so that’s where my original fight name came from,” she laughed. “I use Jessy Jess now, because it’s a little catchier.”

Rose (Unrivaled MMA)

Like most fighters, Rose’s love affair with MMA grew through experience with another combat sport.

“I started off kickboxing, and I fell in love with that,” Rose explained.

It took a few years and a few professional fights as a kickboxer for Rose to find something new that would challenge her, but when she found it, her whole world changed.

After a successful MMA debut in Canberra late last year on a Brace For War card over SABJJ fighter Mae-Lin Leow, which ended in a third-round stoppage, Rose is eager to get back inside the cage to gain some more fight experience.

“It was my first time fighting in a cage,” Rose explained. “I wasn’t nervous at all. I was really happy with the win, [Leow] was really tough. I didn’t get worked up in the fight and just fought.”

Rose finds herself in competition again on April 27 in the form of modified-rules promotion Combat 8 in Sydney, Australia. Whilst it is not officially a MMA bout, it is still experience inside a cage which Rose plans to embrace.

Combat 8 is more geared towards stand-up fighters. In the official rules for the promotion, a fighter may only engage in ground combat for a maximum of 30 seconds per three-minute round. Once that time has elapsed, the fight is taken back to a standing position. It may not seem like an advantageous fight for a complete mixed martial artist, but it does allow for a completely different game plan leading into the fight.

“It forces you to adapt a lot more, and it’s something different,” she admitted. “I have always wanted to try boxing, so this is a good mix. My opponent is very experienced as a boxer. Combat 8 always brings out top-level opponents.”

Fighting an accomplished Muay Thai world champion in Eilleen Forrest is certainly going to test Rose’s skills in the stand-up realm, and although Rose’s kickboxing experience is going to come into play in a big way, she doesn’t discount the importance of her tools on the ground.

“I am looking forward to bringing her into my world a little bit!”

No matter what it takes, Rose is looking to make MMA into her entire life.

With more cage experience and with her dedicated attitude, she is sure to be one to watch. With a couple more wins strung together, there is no doubt that she will follow in the footsteps of Australia’s other female MMA ambassadors and become a breakout star.

That will make all those long treks home from training well worth it.

Jessy would like to thank Unrivaled MMA, Nxt Lvl, FACAA, Attitude Strength, Performance and Postures, Action Mouthguards and Victory Management. Follow her on Twitter: @Jessy_RoseMMA

Top Photo: Jessy Rose (Unrivaled MMA)

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