Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping are two of the more successful middleweights in recent memory. The two men have been found near the top of the 185-pound rankings. Both will be in action at UFC 159, with Sonnen stepping up a weight class to face light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Michael Bisping clashing with Alan Belcher.

While both are talented in the cage, who’s the better hype man outside it?

On one hand, you have the brash, outspoken Englishman in Bisping. Put a microphone in front of the guy and you’re sure to have a handful of headlines for the next day. Even if he’s not talking about a fighter directly, you can just see the confidence Bisping has in himself. It’s that confidence (or cockiness) that’s made Bisping one of the least-liked fighters on the UFC’s roster.

Someone who may outdo him in fan displeasure is Bisping’s former opponent, Sonnen. The former middleweight title contender rose through the ranks by taking out Yushin Okami and then Nate Marquardt. It wasn’t just his impressive victories that pushed him up the rankings however. Sonnen became a household name with his constant trash talk of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Sonnen’s trash talking went beyond the normal lines of hyping a fight, as the “Oregon Gangster” attacked Brazilian people and even Silva’s wife.

Sonnen certainly can get a rise out of anyone, but Bisping is the better hype man. We all know what Sonnen says isn’t what he really feels, it’s “Chael P. Sonnen” who does most of the pre-fight trash talk. The WWE-style of promos Sonnen can rip off are fairly entertaining, but there has been a rise in the number of people who are tired of the antics. I can see where they’re coming from, given that Sonnen talked his way into a title shot at 205 pounds after being embarrassed by Silva at middleweight and despite not first fighting a top name at light heavyweight in order to earn the shot.

What makes Bisping the better hype man is the authenticity that Bisping brings to his interviews. When you hear Bisping talk, even if it’s to degrade his opponents, that’s who he is. The “I don’t give a fuck” attitude has worked thus far into Bisping’s career. Despite losing at every chance he gets to earn a title shot, Bisping routinely finds himself near the top of any UFC event he participates in. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s without a doubt the top draw from the United Kingdom.

There’s a place for both Sonnen and Bisping on the UFC’s roster due to their drawing power, but both will need to start winning in order to maintain credibility. Many don’t expect Sonnen to win at UFC 159, so he can win fans back just by putting on a good performance. In Bisping’s case, he’ll need to take out Belcher in order to erase the memory of getting dropped by an aging Vitor Belfort. But regardless of the outcomes of their fights, expect the UFC to plug the two in as often as they can to watch the dollar signs grow.

Photo: Chael Sonnen (Sherdog)

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