Worldwide exposure and championship prestige are some of the common rewards that come with the potential success of participating in mixed martial arts. In addition, there are also personal factors which promote an individual’s purpose for going through those many vicious battles in the cage. Jarrod Card’s presence in MMA goes beyond the limelight. Fighting for him symbolizes personal fulfillment and also a role in aiding those vital in his life.

Competitive by nature, Card found that fighting in MMA is the only sports alternative that has brought a sense of calmness and peace for him as he goes through life’s daily trials. Since his start in 2006, Card’s journey has been met with major setbacks in and out of his athletic profession as he pushes to one day make it into the UFC. Nevertheless, his heart and passion for fighting allows him to battle through these hurdles in pursuit of his goals. Through this process, Card’s purpose for fighting had shifted due to a profound moment that occurred in his life.

Fighters draw motivation from an inspirational source while enduring the daily grind in their careers. Card is a father now, and that transformation in his identity strengthens his purpose for fighting. He now finds himself fighting not just for the win, but to secure a bright future for his son.

Card (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

“I have a few stages that I used to fight for,” Card explained in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “At the beginning, it was new, so I wanted to fight to prove I can do that. Then, after a few fights and my son being born, I had a few hard times. I had to fight with a full-time job and [as a] full-time dad and going to school full-time just to survive and give my son those special father-son days.”

Embedded with this strong mental outlook, Card has carried it over into his physical training. Currently training in Oklahoma City, he surrounds himself with a supportive and great fight team that has been graciously aiding him on his quest as a fighter.

“I train out of R1MMA with Matt Grice, James Head and Jerrod Sanders, Rob Wood and Travis Serna,” Card said. “They help me every day with training. We don’t have any egos, we just train hard and smart. I always preach ‘iron sharpens iron.’ This gym is a great fit for me, having all these Division 1 wrestlers around to help me with my wrestling.”

Whether it’s that grueling workout or going through life’s trials, when it’s time to step inside the cage and do his job, Card never lets the fear of engaging in combat cross his mind. It is outweighed by the confidence in his abilities and the thoughts of his son.

“I always go into a fight knowing that my guys helped get me ready,” he admitted. “Can I lose? Yes, but my training and confidence has my mind telling me I will win. I know that I fight for me and for my son. That motivated me to fight and train hard to win.”

Card (JAM/XFC)

When the smoke clears, victory and defeat are the two possible outcomes that a competitor may confront. Whatever the results are for Card, he always maintains a positive attitude through it all. The fight gives him a better understanding of himself through his constant push for improvement. It’s a testament to Card’s fortitude in putting it all on the line on a huge platform to prove his worth to the world.

A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. The image of what Card has displayed in his career showcases a man shaped around the world of fighting. It has affected every aspect of his life. His drive, heart and commitment to his obligations form a story many people can relate too. Those qualities will make Jarrod Card a household name that fans will remember when his legacy is cemented in MMA.

“When it’s all said and done, I’d like to be remembered as the guy that came from nothing and made something out of it. I think my fans love me more for showing I’m an awesome father and a guy that can do that fighting stuff too.”

Top Photo: Jarrod Card (Facebook)

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