Although mixed martial arts inside a cage is not yet legalized in Australia’s state of Victoria, that hasn’t stopped the Australian Fighting Championship from calling Melbourne its home. The promotion opts to use the ring so that it can put on an event and give MMA fans in Melbourne some live action.

AFC holds its fifth event on May 10. Featured in the main event of the card is a rematch between Daniel Hooker and Rusty McBride for the AFC lightweight championship. Also featured on the card are the opening stages of the welterweight and middleweight championship tournaments (the semifinals and finals of the tournaments are expected to take place on AFC 6 and AFC 7).

AFC 5 can be viewed live and purchased for $14.95 ($AUD) via from 7:30 p.m. AEST.

LW Championship: Daniel Hooker (8-4) vs. Rusty McBride (6-2)

The AFC 5 main event features the much-awaited rematch between Daniel Hooker and Rusty McBride. These two first met at AFC 3 where Hooker came out with the victory via doctor’s stoppage in the second round due to a cut suffered by McBride.

Since their fight in April 2012, both fighters have recorded back-to-back stoppage victories, so momentum is certainly in favor of both fighters. McBride has a score to settle in a big way, with his last defeat coming at the hands of Hooker.

Both fighters are well-rounded, so expect the first round to be a feeling out process. These guys have a reputation for finishing fights, so this one is not likely to go to the judges.

After a controversial end to their last fight, Hooker and McBride will be looking to prove who the better man is once and for all and leave no doubt in anybody’s mind about who deserves the AFC lightweight championship. If the bloody war that the two engaged in at AFC 3 is any indication, this certainly has “Fight of the Night” written all over it.

McBride will take the win midway through the second round via submission.

FW: Ivo dos Santos (2-0) vs. Rory O’Connell (5-1)

Rory O’Connell suffered his first career defeat just 12 months ago after putting together a five-fight winning streak. Having a background heavily versed in judo, dos Santos will be looking to keep control of where the fight takes place. However, with O’Connell spending his camp with TP Gym and training with very well-versed grapplers such as Bernardo “Trekko” Magalhaes and Manuel Rodriguez, dos Santos will have to be careful should this fight hit the ground.

Fight experience is the aim of the game for dos Santos. He asked for the fight with O’Connell and is now given the chance to prove himself in his transition from judo to MMA. It’s going to be a matter of who gets the better of the opening exchanges. If O’Connell pushes the takedown and gets the fight to the floor, it is his to win. However, if dos Santos can scramble and utilize his skills from judo to control where the action takes place, he will surprise many in what will be just his third professional bout.

Experience aside, the fighters are very evenly matched, but the nod has to go to dos Santos to secure his third victory in a row here via TKO.

Women’s BW: Lana Kate (1-1) vs. Amy Adam (1-1)

The first time Lana Kate and Amy Adam met, the fight was one of the highlights of the Brace For War card in Canberra. It was a razor-thin split decision with both fighters giving it their all. Adam utilized the clinch game a lot in the last fight, pushing Kate up against the cage and using her surroundings to her advantage. This time around the fight takes place in a ring, so cage clinching will not be an option.

After the way that their previous bout played out, expect Kate to utilize takedowns a little more and to control where the fight takes place. Should the action hit the floor, Kate will have the upper hand. Adam is a fierce striker, so don’t expect to see Kate stand and trade again.

Kate will get the action to the mat and utilize her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to get a submission win.

Welterweight Tournament

Alex Volankovski (5-0) vs. Corey Nelson (12-4-1)
Dean Purdon (3-0) vs. Peter Davenport (0-0)
Zein Saliba (6-4) vs. Walber De Barros (4-0)
Jake Matthews (1-0) vs. Luke Jumeau (4-2)
Middleweight Tournament

Cole Davids (7-1) vs. Steve Kennedy (11-6)
Daniel Kelly (3-0) vs. Chris Birch (1-0)
Vik Grujic (5-2) vs. Daniel Way (1-2)
Rick Alchin (5-4) vs. Bor Bratovz (6-3)
Non-tournament Bouts

Joel Fisher (0-0) vs. Jordan Lucas (0-0)
Ian Schaffa (7-8) vs. Kieran Joblin (4-5)

Photo: Australian Fighting Championship Logo (AFC)

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