All fans of MMA have that one fight that they see as their all-time favorite bout. You can ask any fan and they will tell you that they can remember that fight like it was yesterday.

It’s not only the fans that crave a fight like this. For the most part, the fighters also want to have a fight to remember. They want to entertain just as much as fans lust to be entertained. For Sonny Brown, that fight hasn’t quite happened yet, but Brace For War 20 in Brisbane on May 25 could just be the stage that he uses to create those memories.

“As a fighter, you want a fight that is a 15-minute war—a fight that goes bell to bell,” Brown admitted in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “I want a classic. Win or lose, I want a fight that I can show my mates and a fun fight that people will say is amazing to watch. If the opportunity is there for a finish though, you have to take it. You can’t turn that down.”

Brown took his five-fight winning streak between 2009 and 2011 and turned in two losses in a row for 2012. In his losses, he was facing top-level opponents in Bernardo “Trekko” Magalhaes and Oriol Gaset. Now, in his quest to return to form and get one step closer to recapturing his Brace lightweight championship from Gaset, he faces the very experienced Greg Atzori, who is coming off a loss of his own.

Brown (R) delivers a right hand (Louie Abigail/Sherdog)

“I definitely want to get back into the winner’s circle,” he admitted. “Greg is very experienced though. He has had a lot of fights. We both need a win and we both have pretty similar skill sets.

“My last two fights were also against two very experienced guys, and it was disappointing to not get past the first round. In this one, I want to work on the techniques I have been training. It’s disappointing to train for so long and then not get much cage time.”

Having not experienced defeat since his professional debut, Brown realized that the time would eventually come for him to drop a fight. It would have been easy to say that he lost just because his opponent had once fought in the UFC, but Brown learned something else from the fight.

“After the fight with Trekko, I [learned] to be less nervous,” he explained. “Going in there against him, he was a big opponent and I think it affected my fight. In the fight with Oriol, I was a lot more relaxed and I was ready to take it all in, and I think I was doing much better up until I got caught.”

A credit to Brown is that he can take it all in stride. Many a fighter has turned in two losses in a row and thought to call it a day. Brown knows that there is an ideal behind being a true martial artist—knowing how to develop and adapt. That is exactly what he plans to do in his fight with Atzori.

“In this sport, you can train hard for weeks and weeks and then a split-second mistake in the cage can cost you a win,” he explained. “Such is life. I am just going to focus on what I can control in there and improve my own game.”

Brown (R) connects with a knee (Louie Abigail/Sherdog)

A classic rivalry in Australia is the one between the states of New South Wales and Queensland. Brown comes from Sydney, New South Wales, whereas Atzori fights out of Hervey Bay, Queensland. With Brace taking its show to Brisbane, Brown is fighting away from home and whilst it may appear to be a disadvantage, he embraces it.

“I think it’s because I am behind enemy lines,” he laughed. “I have done pretty well in Brisbane and I am actually looking forward to it.”

It would be easy to get caught up in the idea that he needs to get his Brace lightweight championship back, but Brown knows that the fight ahead is more important than what the future may hold.

“It would be nice to get my belt back,” he admitted. “It’s not my immediate focus though. There are a lot of things that would need to fall into place, and Damien [Brown] is supposed to get the next shot anyway. This time around, I am just there to fight and to win and then enjoy the ride after that.”

Whether it’s a three-round, 15-minute war or a first-round flash knockout, Sonny Brown is going to Brisbane to determine just where his MMA path is headed. It’s a tough fight against a seasoned opponent, but no matter how the fight plays out, hopefully the fans in Brisbane get to be a part of his fight to remember.

Sonny would like to thank Bloodbath Fightwear, All Systems Fitness and Langes MMA. Follow Brown on Twitter: @SonnyBrownMMA

Top Photo: Sonny Brown (R) has his hand raised (Louie Abigail/Sherdog)

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