Considering how many fighters are under contract with the UFC, the promotion is faced with difficult decisions regarding how it adds and subtracts from its roster. But for fighters who product exciting and marketable fights, job security is far from a concern.

Take for example heavyweight fighter Pat Barry. “HD” enters the cage on Saturday with a record of 8-5, with a promotional record of 5-5. He has never defeated a top-10 opponent, nor has he been ranked inside the top 10. But what Barry brings to the table, is a high knockout rate in his victories. He has only been to the judges scorecards once, and he was victorious after Joey Beltran absorbed huge punch after huge punch in that fight.

Barry was the type of fighter that was perfect for main event broadcasts aired on cable. The promotion tried to attract new fans and a bigger audience to not only become fans of the UFC, but to become fans of the sport. Having a fight that was more or less guaranteed to end in a spectacular finish was a way to have social media explode, causing more people to change the channel and tune into the action. This is the key reason that the last six fights by “HD” were fought on the main card of a network or cable broadcast.

Nothing in this life is certain except for taxes and death. But adding “Pat Barry putting on exciting fights” should made the duo a trio. His fight at UFC 161 against Shawn Jordan gives us a striker-versus-striker match-up that every fan will drool over. Sure, Jordan has worked for takedowns in the past, but the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy fighter has improved his ground game, including his sprawl, and will keep it standing. Who knocks out who is up in the air. Barry, a former kickboxer, holds the edge in striking, but anything can happen in a slugfest, which is certain to take place on Saturday.

It is safe to say that regardless of the outcome, Barry’s job security is safe. His return to a pay-per-view event was scripted, as it was finally time for the promotion to have those fans who tuned in to see what would happen in his fight pay see the action. To guarantee that the fight will produce the evenings “Knockout of the Night” award is hard, but it is safe to say that this horse has the best bet of it to happen.

His fight against Jordan kicks off the pay-per-view. Just make sure that if you have to get up to get another beverage or to use the restroom that you are back before the start of the fight. You don’t want to be the one who misses it.

Photo: Pat Barry (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

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