The world of women’s MMA is a rough one. Some ladies can’t get fights, some ladies can’t get the quality opponents they want and others are held back by the male-driven market that envelops the sport. That was until Invicta FC came around.

The all-female organization has opened up a world of top-level promotion and exposure to the women who have graced its five total cards so far. One of the lucky ladies who has benefited from the existence of Invicta has been Tecia Torres, an up-and-coming strawweight that is clawing her way up the rankings.

Torres knows how important the company is. At 2-0, she has both of her pro fights with the company and will make her third appearance at Invicta FC 6 in July.

Torres (R) connects with a kick (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

“Fighting for Invicta has been amazing,” Torres told The MMA Corner in an exclusive interview. “We’re getting more and more publicity. In another year, it will be one of the biggest promotions in MMA today.”

Of course, the big talk leading up to Invicta FC 6 has been the fact that the company is branching out and bringing its show from a streamed event online to pay-per-view providers on DirecTV and Dish Network. There are also rumors that Showtime is interested in replacing the now-defunct Strikeforce with the all-female promotion.

“The fact it’s all female is unique. A lot of people don’t know much about WMMA,” Torres explained. “There’s a lot of talent out there, so a deal with a Showtime would be huge. Invicta already has a lot of fans, and it’s been a great help to the females of the sport.”

Torres is young in her career, but there is no doubt she is a top prospect in the sport. Despite just a 2-0 record, she went undefeated as an amateur, running her record to 7-0 before jumping to pro status. It is obvious, as she knows, that improvements are vital to moving up the ladder and joining the elite of her sport.

“I have been working on my boxing a lot,” she said. “In my previous bouts, I landed a lot of combinations with my hands. I need to sit down on my punches more and maybe I will be getting that finish I have been wanting.”

In her two Invicta appearances, Torres took decisions over Kaiyana Rain and Paige VanZant. Both fights were crowd-pleasers that have earned Torres a cult following among fans of women’s MMA. Not only were they exciting, but they garnered the one thing that is most important for any fighter in advancing their careers: attention.

“My wins over Rain and Paige were great because they caught Invicta officials’ eyes,” Torres said. “It was an honor to have both of my pro fights on such a big stage.”

Of course, her most recent bout with VanZant was one of the best female fights in Invicta’s short history. It was not only exciting, but it showed how dangerous and skilled Torres can be, as she swept the scorecards impressively. However, that doesn’t mean she has reached optimal performance levels.

“The fight with Paige showed I needed to sit down on my punches and work on my wrestling, so that was an important fight,” Torres admitted. “I now feel like my wrestling game is really there in my arsenal since I went back to gym and trained that so hard.”

Torres’ upcoming bout comes against fellow 115-pound prospect and impressive finisher Rose Namajunas, whose flying armbar of Kathina Catron in her last outing had the MMA world buzzing. That type of performance is enough to make a fighter like Torres take notice and make sure she studies the tape.

Torres (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

“Namajunas is very talented and has a lot of skills that could be better than some of my skills. That being said, some of my skills are better than hers,” said Torres. “This is going to be an exciting stand-up match, which will be cool because the fans will love it.”

Torres is well-rounded, but she wants to utilize the best game plan possible. She is complimentary of Namajunas as a complete fighter, but knows she is a complete fighter as well. That’s why when the cage door closes, she will be ready to rumble.

“I want to keep the fight standing,” Torres revealed. “I think my striking is better than hers. I fight good both on the inside and outside. If I don’t get in a tie-up fight with her, I will win with my striking.”

The possible outcomes of a win are endless. There isn’t a huge line for Carla Esparza’s strawweight strap at this point, even though there are several possible contenders, such as the Claudia Gadelha-Ayaka Hamasaki winner, Joanne Calderwood and a select couple others. So, does this mean a win would push Torres near the front of the line?

“A win won’t put me into a title shot, but it will get me a top opponent hopefully,” Torres admitted. “I feel like I have shown to this point that I can compete with good fighters, and a win over Namajunas would hopefully put me on the next level.”

As always, it is interesting to see if a fighter has another opponent in the back of their mind for their next outing. For Torres, that time is now.

“This is the fight I have been wanting,” Torres said. “I am not looking past her, because this is the fight that is going to show where I am and where my skills are at this point. She has been on my radar, so this is the only fighter I have been waiting for right now.”

Tecia would like to thank her teammates and coaches at American Top Team, as well as all of her sponsors. Follow Torres on Twitter: @TeciaTorres

Top Photo: Tecia Torres (L) delivers a kick (Dave Mandel/Sherdog)

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    Much respect to Tecia. She’s a serious fighter who works on improving her skills and she’s not no quit in her. I’m looking forward to this upcoming fight, for sure!