Each major sport has that big underdog moment that is remembered throughout history. Hockey has the 1980 United States men’s national team’s triumph over the Soviet Union, basketball has George Mason’s run to the Final Four, baseball has the Florida Marlins’ win over the New York Yankees in 2003 and football has the New York Giants beating the unbeaten New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

When Anderson Silva got dropped by Chris Weidman Saturday night at UFC 162, the only rational thought my brain could put together was that I was playing UFC Undisputed and I somehow managed to get knocked out as Silva. That’s how unreal the knockout was—my brain’s only logical reasoning for what had just happened in that moment was that I must be playing a video game.

Sitting there watching it, I was speechless as I messaged my friend on Facebook saying, “I can’t believe what I just saw.” Now, my friend, he isn’t big into MMA, but he knows of Silva. He has watched his recent performances with me knowing how much I love a good Anderson Silva fight. Even he couldn’t believe what I was telling him and asked me to provide a gif of what had transpired in the past few minutes.

It was the heavily used cliche, “The Shot Heard Round the World.” Nobody saw it coming, except Chris Weidman. Silva wanted to be Roy Jones Jr., wanted to fight him and wanted to fight like him, except he ended up being the Roy Jones Jr. who showed up at the end of his career.

At age 38, it’s hard to tell what is next for Silva, who proclaimed after the fight that he doesn’t want a rematch and that he doesn’t want to retire. I don’t know whether to believe that or just think Silva probably misunderstood Joe Rogan’s question.

Silva is still one of the baddest men on the planet despite his loss. Silva got caught doing what he normally does, clowning around with his opponent, dropping his hands, taunting him mercilessly—the typical “Anderson Silva fight.” Silva got caught and Weidman won fair and square, but the loss doesn’t take away anything from Silva.

The fight and everything surrounding it in the post-fight coverage suggests that Silva’s heart doesn’t seem to be into fighting anymore. Just the way he answered questions and his demeanor, it didn’t seem like Silva’s heart was there. In fact, before the fight, Silva’s camp acknowledged that the only way Silva would lose was if his heart wasn’t in it anymore.

Maybe Silva, the greatest fighter in the world, the most spectacular MMA fighter to ever walk the face of planet Earth, maybe mentally he is tired.

It’s hard to judge whether or not Silva will fight the 10 fights he says he has left in him. Silva is an odd man and highly unpredictable, so tomorrow he could come out and say he won’t fight anymore. Maybe tomorrow he signs on for a rematch with Weidman.

But this loss was a combination of many things. One, Weidman is just that good and was finally the man to make Silva pay for his antics. Two, Silva’s head just doesn’t seem in it anymore. Finally, Silva made a huge mistake by dropping his hands and if he actually didn’t pull that stuff, maybe he would have beaten Weidman.

If Silva does come back, it most likely will be in a rematch with Weidman, as it’s hard to picture Silva as anything but the champion. Silva doesn’t have any of those superfight options left. He won’t be making the kind of money he made before when he was the champion.

Silva’s only option—if he does continue fighting—is to rematch Weidman. Next time around, if Silva keeps his hands up and actually respects Weidman in the cage, maybe the fight plays out differently.

The loss means a lot to Silva, as he could very well be done as the greatest fighter out there. Silva could be hitting the same wall Fedor Emelianenko hit. Perhaps this really is the tail end of his career.

The next fight is the most important for Silva. This loss means a lot, but the next fight means even more—especially if it’s a rematch. The next fight will tell us whether or not Silva is done as a fighter and if he actually decides to hang up the gloves.

Silva got clipped—it happens—but the way it happened and his demeanor post-fight just make this loss all the more devastating. Anderson Silva lost. Let me repeat that so you actually can let that soak in: Anderson Silva has lost.

Ladies and gentlemen, we could be witnessing the downfall of Anderson Silva.

Photo: Anderson Silva (Esther Lin/MMA Fighting)

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