A lot of fighters stumble into becoming a professional mixed martial artist by progressing through different aspects of the sport. It’s usually a case of a boxer wanting a little more, or learning one of the various other forms of martial arts from an early age. Every now and again, though, the story is completely different. For example, someone can find themselves wanting to imitate the art that is on a screen in front of them.

“When I came back from traveling around Canada, I was trying to work out what I was going to do. I remember one day I sat at my house and I played the UFC game on the Playstation for like three days straight,” Australian fighter Chris Morris revealed in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “When I was playing it, I thought, you know, this is pretty cool, I might give this a go. I started training and about a year later I took a fight.”

On paper, it might seem like Chris “Kewl Bonez” Morris’ fight name doesn’t really make a lot of sense, and to pretty much everybody besides a small group of friends, it probably won’t. For Morris and his friends though, the story lends back to a more personal and lengthy tale.

Morris (Facebook.com/ChriskewlbonezMorris)

“The name came about from when I was traveling through Canada,” he explained. “Me and some mates were in Whistler and we met these chicks who were snowboarders. One night we were out on the drink and I was pretty maggot [drunk]. We were at the place they were staying and I was pretty hungry after drinkin’ for so long. I went to the fridge and there was like a gallon of milk in there and I was telling them that I’d drink the whole thing in one go. I did it, but I chucked up everywhere [laughs]. After that, I was apparently tryin’ to pick them up and my line was that I had cool bones because of all the milk.

“A few days later they were saying that they were going to create me a Facebook profile because that’s what everyone was doing back then—I only had a MySpace page at the time. I let them go and do it, and they put me in there as Chris ‘Kewl Bonez’ Morris. When it came time to get a fight name, I was talking with some mates and we kinda thought it was a cool name. As it was, I already had it on my Facebook page and everything, so we just thought it’d be the way to go.”

Morris is set to fight for the Nitro MMA bantamweight championship on July 13 against Julian “Julz The Jackal” Rabaud in what is one of the most anticipated fights of the card. The last time the two met, Morris walked away the victor after a slam caused Rabaud to break his arm.

“I’m stoked and I’m keen. I’m pretty excited for this fight,” he exclaimed. “It’s not just a fight for a belt. It’s a big fight. Julz has been hyping it up, and I want to go out there and show that the last time I beat him it wasn’t just a fluke. I love that he goes out and hypes the fight up, it fuels me. If I took what he said to heart, it’d be exactly what he wants. I like his videos and all that—I think they are funny.

Morris (L) (Facebook.com/ChriskewlbonezMorris)

“This is my biggest fight to date. There is no way that he hasn’t been working on his takedown defense, and I think we are both different fighters since we fought last. I never go into a fight with a dead-set strategy. I am just going to go in there and fight how I would wanna watch a fight. I want people to see something that’s gonna have them on the edge of their seats. I think that we are gonna put on a good show.”

Something that can help a fighter reach great heights is the support from friends, family and the people that come to shows to watch them fight. It’s important for any fighter to go into a fight with a support network, and Morris appreciates that without the people around him, he would be nothing.

“I really appreciate the support that I get from everyone around me,” he said. “Whether it’s my friends and my family, the people that come to watch me fight, or my training partners, it’s important to me that they know how much it means to me that they support me. Those people believing in me are the ones that give me the drive to try and make it, and they are the ones that make all the hard work worth it.”

Whilst the aspirations of his career may have begun with a Playstation controller in his hands many years ago, the truth is that the real game takes place on July 13. With championship gold on the line, Morris not only fights in the biggest fight of his career to date, but he also has the chance to show that dreams can in fact come true and that if you want something badly enough, it’s not that far out of reach.

Chris would like to thank Fight4industries, Crossfit Broadbeach, Hinterland Chiropractic, International Protein, Juers Street Tattoo, Planet Max, Kerry Dunne and the team at Shindo New Breed and his brother, Andrew Morris, who has helped him immensely in the lead up to this fight. Follow Morris on Twitter: @kewlbonez

Top Photo: Chris “Kewl Bonez” Morris (Facebook.com/ChriskewlbonezMorris)

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