A little over four months ago, Arlene “Angerfist” Blencowe made her mixed martial arts debut. In two fights, she has posted one win with one loss. But, since her last fight inside the cage, she has also claimed two boxing world titles to add to her credentials.

That’s not a bad start to 2013 for someone who only took a mixed martial arts bout due to a lull in the amount of boxing fights available to her.

“Jason [Harris, Blencowe’s coach] incorporated some wrestling and BJJ into my training to help with my fitness. After a little bit of training, we took the fight against Kyra Purcell at Fight World Cup to keep active. I did well with my striking, but lost to an armbar. Boxing is definitely my strength,” she admitted in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “In June, I flew over to New Zealand on a week’s notice to take a boxing fight for two world titles and I ended up winning the fight.

“With each MMA fight, I have been working on my ground game and my jiu-jitsu, and I have come so far since my first fight. Jason wouldn’t throw me into the cage if he didn’t think I was ready. Being that I am pretty athletic and a fast learner, I have picked up the other aspects of the sport pretty quickly.”

With only two professional bouts behind her, Blencowe’s next fight takes place on July 13 at Queensland’s premier mixed martial arts event, Nitro MMA, in the promotion’s ninth event. The fight takes places only a little over four weeks since her boxing world title win, and Blencowe has a tough task at hand as she faces off with Jessy “Jessy Jess” Rose-Clark, who trains out of Integrated MMA, arguably the best gym in the state.

“Everyone knows who she is and she has had about the same amount of MMA fights as me, so a win over her would certainly do big things for my name,” Blencowe admitted. “The fact that I have two boxing world championships doesn’t mean anything; it’s a completely different game. I’m pretty happy wherever the fight goes. I have been working on my takedown defense and I am confident I’ll be able to get back up if she does decide to take me down.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be fighting on Nitro. Bec Hyatt had her last fight on Nitro before she was signed to Invicta, so there is a bit of prestige there, and it’s exciting knowing that people could be watching the result of the fight. I am thankful that the promoters put me on the show and I am looking forward to the fight.”

The “fighter lifestyle” of training every day and not having a “9-5″ isn’t something that all fighters can live. Juggling a part-time job in administration as well as a job as a personal trainer along with two kids means that Blencowe has to make the most of the time that is available for her to train. It also means that long fight camps away from home are out of the question.

“I’m a mother of two, so with amateur boxing it was a little bit hard because I’d always be going away for camps and things like that for days at a time,” she said. “With [MMA], I can go away for the weekend to fight and then come back and be a mum again. Like when I went to New Zealand for the boxing fight, I fought the Thursday night and then flew back Friday morning and then later that night I was folding and washing laundry again, so nothing has changed [laughs]. And that’s what I want, just because I have some world championships in my lounge room, it doesn’t change who I am.”

Whilst her fight record may be in its infancy, it’s not going to take long at all for Blencowe’s success in boxing to transition over to mixed martial arts. The art of grappling is a tough one to master, and it’s the only piece left of the puzzle for Blencowe. But with hard work and a willingness to continue learning, there is no doubt that she will continue to impress both inside and outside of the cage.

And even if it’s not going to happen this year, it can be certain that Blencowe will be adding mixed martial arts gold to the championship titles that sit proudly in her house.

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Photo: Arlene Blencowe (Twitter.com/arleneangerfist)

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