Mixed martial arts isn’t a sport for everybody. It’s a tough sport in which to find success, and for every fighter that makes their debut, there are at least four behind them waiting to get their shot too. The sport is very physical in nature, in terms of competition and training, and that alone can be very discouraging to anyone who may be flirting with the notion of picking up a pair of four-ounce gloves. Even the toughest of athletes may have trouble overcoming the sport’s physicality, and that is why Martin “The SituAsian” Nguyen was never expected to take up the sport that he now loves.

“At first I doubted continuing with contact sports because of an injury I got playing Rugby League. I wasn’t going to even play football anymore, let alone get into fighting,” Nguyen revealed in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “A few years ago, a mate convinced me to give it a go and I started training at KMA and it’s basically gone from there.”

Nguyen (Facebook.com/KMATopTeam)

The lifestyle of a professional fighter is also something that is not suited to everyone. There are long hours spent away from home, the hard work of training and being fight-ready for most of the year.

“I work very long hours,” he admitted. “I wake up at 7 a.m. and I am at work until 6 p.m. After that, it’s straight to KMA to train, and I get home very late. I have my wife and two kids at home, so sometimes it’s a bit hard. As my son gets older, though, I am looking forward to getting him into martial arts. I think that’s something that every father wants [laughs].”

Fight preparation is a crucial aspect of being a professional fighter. A fighter is only as good as the people around him. Nguyen trains out of KMA Sydney with BRACE and Nitro welterweight champion Corey Nelson along with a full team of strong and dedicated fighters.

“I’ve been training with a lot of good guys,” he explained. “Everyone in the gym has really stepped it up to another gear this year, and it’s great because we all work off each other. All the boys are hungry to win and get better this year, and it is good because we really push each other to be the best we can.”

In his last fight, Nguyen won via a third-round TKO against Thomas Ruderman, who has a reputation for having a very strong ground game.

“It was a pretty satisfying win,” he admitted. “He is a BJJ guy and that is something that we thought about all through the fight camp. I think he might have underestimated me, but everything played out for me and I got the win. I was extremely happy that I was able to hang with him on the ground.”

Nguyen (Facebook.com/KMATopTeam)

Most fighters consider it a goal to move beyond the shores of their native country. With his next fight taking place on July 20 at BRACE 21 in Sydney and with BRACE being a part of the ONE FC network, that goal is within reach for Nguyen.

“I really want to fight internationally,” Nguyen confessed. “I’m in my prime now, and I want to test myself with the best people from around the world. I know that I am not going to be able to do this forever. For the fight this weekend, no matter where the fight goes, I will try and capitalize. I always fight for the win and fight to put on a show, and people will be entertained.”

Whilst it may not have been his first preference, Nguyen has certainly shown that he can succeed in mixed martial arts. It may not be a sport for everyone, but it is certainly the sport for him.

Martin would like to thank F.A.C.A.A [Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia], Monsta Supplements and all of his coaches and training partners at KMA Sydney. Follow Nguyen on Twitter: @MartinNguyenKMA. Follow BRACE on Twitter: @BRACEMMA

Top Photo: Martin Nguyen (Facebook.com/KMATopTeam)

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