Being motivated can be hard work. You need to be somewhat self-driven, you need to have a goal in mind and you need to have to want to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Staying motivated can be even harder work. Motivation can change depending on the mood that you are in on any given day. It can subside as quickly as it was born.

Having inspiration, though, can make the difference between chasing success and just grinding away in an effort to reach a goal that may be just out of grasp. Inspiration has been a key element in the fight career of Shane Gregory.

“When Benny [Alloway] fought over in Sweden, I got to go over there with him and it was an awesome experience,” Gregory revealed in an exclusive interview with The MMA Corner. “Having that experience behind me, it really made me see that this is what I want to do with my life and seeing him go through it all, it just inspired me even more to go out and try that bit harder to be successful.”

Not only does Gregory train with Alloway, but his gym, PUMMA, is also home to The Ultimate Fighter 17’s Dylan Andrews. Having two fighters who are already contracted to the UFC, along with Vince Perry, a coach who has a wealth of experience, means that Gregory already has the right foundation to be a successful fighter. The next step for him is to be able to continue to develop that foundation as his career progresses.

“[Andrews and Alloway] give me a little bit of advice here and there in regards to trying out for TUF, but they don’t really give too much up,” Gregory explained. “With the way the show works, you have to be pretty tight lipped about it all. Vince has told me that if those guys can do it, then I can too. It’s good for me, too, that when we are training and sparring and stuff that I can hang with these guys who are certainly that little bit higher level than me. So it gives me a lot more confidence that I can make it.”

A full-time job can often distract a fighter from being able to fully realize their potential. It can often be seen as a necessary evil. Most fighters who are chasing the dream of becoming a full-time professional fighter aren’t lucky enough to have a foundation upon which they can support themselves whilst undertaking full-time training. It almost became too much for Gregory, but like everything in life, a healthy balance was the key to driving forward towards chasing his dream.

“I just got into mixed martial arts to have a go,” he admitted. “I didn’t really have much of a background in any other form of fighting or anything. I just joined the gym, and we just started up a fight team and kinda went from there. Having my business as a PT made it a little bit harder a few years ago before I downsized.

“I do around 20-25 sessions a week now, and it’s a nice balance. It’s good to have it, though, and it’s good when I go to training because I get to be the student instead of the coach. I used to get drained a little when I’d do so much PT work and then do my own training. I think I have it at the right level now though.”

Gregory’s next fight takes place at Fight World Cup on Aug. 3. He will be going up against Brentin Mumford for the Fight World Cup welterweight title. For the most part, fighters will go into a bout with a firm idea in mind as to what will happen in the bout. Whilst there is always a game plan for Gregory going into a fight, he is a little more open-minded as to how he sees the action playing out.

“I don’t really like to predict how a fight is going to go,” he admitted. “Getting the win is important and it certainly isn’t going to hurt my chances at all in getting a spot on TUF, but as for the fight itself, I am just motivated to go out there and do the best that I can and walk out of there with a win. I honestly think that I can win it and finish the fight in the first or second round. How I win doesn’t really matter to me. Getting that win and the belt is all that matters.”

With only five fights to his name and just one loss, Gregory plans to use his bout as a stepping stone towards The Ultimate Fighter: Nations tryouts. There are going to be plenty of motivated candidates heading to Sydney to try their hand at securing a position on Team Australia, but motivation is only going to get them so far. If Gregory can go to the tryouts with Fight World Cup championship credentials to his name and the inspiration of seeing what his teammates have achieved, then there is nothing that will be able to stop him from realizing his dream of being able to focus solely on fighting professionally for the most successful mixed martial arts company in the world.

Gregory would like to thank PUMMA, PlanetMax Burleigh Eco Clinics, Punch Equipment, Nutrition Underground, Iron Fist Clothing, Edmondson Dynamics and R n R Massage.

Photo: Shane Gregory (third from right) (Eternal MMA/Facebook)

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